Machine, Ohio Wesleyan Ink Two-Year Extension

Professional lacrosse will remain in Delaware, Ohio, for at least another two years in a deal inked between Ohio Wesleyan and Ohio Machine on Wednesday.

“We’ve got great potential to create a national identity for the Machine and Delaware,” said Ohio Machine President and General Manager John Algie. “All the players we’ve brought in here have have been impressed with the passion and enthusiasm of our fans.”

Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio Machine agreement (Toby Boyce)

Ohio Machine will continue to play at Ohio Wesleyan’s Selby Field for at least another two years it was announced on Wednesday. [photo by Toby Boyce]

It has been a great start as Algie and the Machine have built several strong partnerships with Central Ohio and Delaware businesses including Amato’s Woodfired Pizza’s which has hosted a pregame tailgate concert every home game for the past two years.

However, the ball is now on the community’s lacrosse stick to keep professional lacrosse in town for good. While the players have been enjoyed playing at Selby Field, there have been plenty of empty seats available to watch them play. With a capacity of 9,100 wouldn’t it be cool to make Machine home games the equivelant of a Buckeye home game?

“I would love to see both sides filled,” said Algie. “We need season ticket holders to make it work, but it would go a long ways towards making it so teams don’t want to come here and play us.”

That’s the key right there the Ohio Machine need season ticket holders. Is this a bias article? Yeah, my wife and I are season ticket holders ourselves and ready to renew for 2014.

Won’t you join me?

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