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Winter Skin Care

Winter can be really hard on a person’s skin. Even those with typically oily skin find that January brings on itchy sometimes cracking skin on the face, arms and hands. With Ohio winters being cold, dry (humidity wise– we have plenty of snowy precipitation!) and windy these problems are exacerbated along with furnaces that dry the air even more. Add on top of that flu season and frequent hand washing, and it’s a recipe for a miserable feeling winter.Since I’m from the ultra-humid Southeastern US originally, I am acutely aware of these effects. We spent nearly 2 weeks in Alabama over the Christmas season, and my skin felt and looked better. I didn’t even have to compulsively carry lip balm in my pocket either. But since we all love Delaware, and aren’t looking to move South anytime soon, what can we do to feel better over winter now?

 I sat down with Wezlynn Davis, co-owner of the downtown Delaware cosmetic apothecary, The Beauty Lab, to get some great recommendations from her about how to care for our skin in this weather. Wezlynn, Rozie and Sarah at The Beauty Lab are a wealth of information. You can sign up for a complimentary steam facial and skin analysis and they will recommend specific formulations for you. They create all the cleansers, moisturizers and makeup in house. The Beauty Lab’s formulations are great for those who are organic-conscientious (all of their products are organic, vegan, and non-GMO), have some specific issues with skin or just want a glow year round. They’re also great at teaching specific make-up application methods like a perfect smoky eye, or if you have a teen who could use a little direction with some new found products.

 Wezlynn’s main bit of advice is to find a moisturizing product that include hyaluronic acid. “This is something that is naturally in the body, but as a moisturizer it wraps cells in water, almost like bubble wrap.” Hyaluronic acid (also called Hyaluronan) does dissipate in skin over time– Wezlynn says that up to 65% of your skins’ natural deposits are lost throughout a lifetime. HA can be found in drugstore brands such as Oil of Olay and dermae for facial products. For hand creams, there’s a great brand called CeraVe available at CVS and Walgreens here in Delaware.

 Other tips to help soothe winter skin is to take cooler showers, use a humidifier (especially at night), and, of course, drink lots of water. Also, setting your thermostat even a few degrees cooler will help you feel better, too. Heat, whether it’s water or air, pulls moisture from the skin.  Does anyone else have tips or tried-and-true products they use to cure the winter itch?

About Tara Salsman

A native of Alabama, Tara now calls Delaware "Sweet Home." She is a wife, a mother of twins, a calligrapher, and an aspiring everything. Despite an unfortunate haircut in the critical middle school years, she strives to find beauty in every day life.

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