Movie Review: Neighbors

For awhile I was deciding whether or not I should do this review. Neighbors is a movie meant for teenager and adults for a goofy friday night movie event. After a few hours of deciding, I started writing.


Neighbors is about new family, Mac (played by Seth Rogen) and Kelly Radner (played by Rose Byrne) live the new family life with their six month old daughter, Stella. They face the everyday challenges that any other new family would. For example, when is going out okay and when to fit their own pleasures in.


When their new neighbors move in, it isn’t what they expected. Their neighbors are a fraternity full of party animals. Everything starts off okay, Mac and Kelly ask to have them keep the noise down and President of the fraternity, Teddy Sanders (played by Zac Efron), made them promise if they’re too loud to talk to him and not the police.


Everything changes when Mac and Kelly call the police due to the noise. The fraternity starts their revenge on Mac and Kelly with ridiculous little stunts. Soon it’s a full on war between new parents Mac and Kelly and fraternity president, Teddy.


I found this movie incredibly entertaining. It’s definitely not for children but for teenagers and or adults looking for a good comedy to entertain them. Neighbors certainly does it’s job in making the audience entertained.


Seth Rogen is known for a lot of comedy productions, however Zac Efron is just starting to get into them. Zac Efron starred in High School Musical one, two and three and then moved to dramatic and romantic movies and then starred in comedy movies.
The movie consists of a lot of profanity, some sexual scenes, and drugs. I say this again, this movie is not for kids. This movie is for teenagers and adults. It was a good movie and I recommend this for a goofy movie to see with friends.

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