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Baby Boomer on the go. Livin' and lovin' in" DelawareO." My version of a charmed life.

Delaware, Home Of My Heart.

ady2 Defining Delaware,

 Some call it a bedroom community, others the home of Ohio Weslyan University.  Referred to as “The Big ‘D'” by me and my cohorts, those of us who grew up in surrounding smaller towns.  Delaware, Ohio has always had a lot to offer.

My own love affair began with this big town/small city when my family moved to Ashley in 1970.  I was ten years old.  Ashley was a quaint lovely town at that time.  Many of our needs were met there.  Twice a week it was necessary to trek down U.S. 42 for recreation, services, or staples.  “The Big ‘D’ ” was my parents town of choice to refuel our lives.

My favorite memories…

Every Thursday after school we made the trip.  Mom and I walked “downtown” while my brother had Speech therapy on W. Central Avenue at The Delaware CentAveSpeech and Hearing Center.  To my delight we would “window shop” at Bauereis Shoes, The People’s Store, Gray’s Shoes and Barger Jewelry.  Barger Jewelry is the only one of the four still remaining.   We usually ended up at McLellans.  I had the choice of spending my allowance there or later in the trip.  “The Dime Store”  as it was called back in the day is long gone: However the smell of the building remains the same, evoking sweet memories filled with nostalgia. 

After “speech” it was off to a 1970’s favorite, Burger Chef, on S. Sandusky Street for supper. Then back to W. Central Ave. we would land, across from “the hospital.” The only  other option in my childhood budget was the store Ben Franklin.  I would buy a trinket there if nothing at McLellan’s had suited ady4me. The final destination in the same plaza was Baskin Robbins.  I ordered Pralines and Cream on a sugar cone, for probably four years worth of Thursdays.  Roughly 200 cones.  

The agenda on Saturday morning was quite different. Trip number two was with Dad, grocery shopping embellished with pie or a burger, depending upon what time we made it into town.  My dad considered pie a breakfast food.  The plan always the same.  “Krogers” on S. Sandusky Street.  (the letter “s” on the end was pronounced back then, which makes me an “Old Ohioan” I guess) Today most pronounce it as spelled without the “s”, ” Kroger”.  Or maybe it did have an “s” at the end and the company changed it. 
Either way before we shopped we stopped at The Hamburger Inn for the above mentioned.  Sitting on the stools watching the cook was always fascinating and fun.  If we went early enough the waitress and the cook were sometimes the same person.  The pie or burger was always fresh and tasty, dad said that  the ADY1coffee was good, every week.  The hustle and bustle of Saturday mornings downtown Delaware is still one of my fondest memories. 

 The future…

The opportunity to share stories, my very relationship with Delaware for over 40 years is a gift.  Living both “in town” and out for over a decade, and visiting the following two,  watching my town undergo its many transitions has been fascinating.  After thirty years away, I arrived home through the backdoor in 2010, moving smack in the middle of the Historic Northwest Neighborhood.  The fresh ady3perspective is exciting.   What is old is new. 

Blogging twice monthly for DelawareO,  it is my goal is to share these memories once a month.  The other contribution will be my experiences in current Delaware, from the perspective of a local consumer, market-driving Baby Boomer citizen.   It is an honor to be involved in this community as a business owner, volunteer, and now a blogger.