Cali, (official name Caroline, but 4 letters was easier for a kid to remember then 8), is currently a senior at Big Walnut High School who hopes to attend either the University of Chicago or Miami University upon graduation. She spends the majority of her free-time reading, worrying about college loans, and trying to keep up a semi-sane appearance until her graduation from high school. After graduation, however, she plans to use her insanity to help others as a writer, an attorney, or some combination of the two. “If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up”—Hunter S. Thompson.

About Cali Ford

Cali, (official name Caroline, but 4 letters was easier for a kid to remember then 8), is currently a senior at Big Walnut High School who will attend Miami University upon graduation. She spends the majority of her free-time reading, worrying about college loans, and trying to keep up a semi-sane appearance until her graduation from high school. After graduation, however, she plans to use her insanity to help others as a writer, an attorney, or some combination of the two. “If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up”—Hunter S. Thompson.

Ohio Ride for Autism

Be on the look out for the 5th annual Ohio Ride for Autism to take place on July 26th.  Six to seven hundred motorcyclists are expected to participate in the ride in the ride this year to benefit the Make It Fit foundation run by Mike Hoover and Debbie Judy.


If you would like to participate in the ride, registration can be done online by going to the Ohio Ride for Autism facebook page or on  The cost of registration is only $10.00 per person and, if you choose not to before hand, you can register at the event from 9:30-11:30.  The ride will begin at the C&A Harley Davidson dealership. The first bike will leave at 10:00am and the last will leave at 11:30.


The route will go from the dealership to the American Legion in Waldo, to Recreation Unlimited, then to the Big Walnut Grill in Sunbury, and ending at the Quaker Steak and Lube located on Lyra Drive off of Polaris Parkway with optional stops along the way at Tavern 42 in Delaware, the Fallen Heroes Memorial and the Firehouse Tavern in Sunbury.


At the Quaker Steak there will be an auction and a raffle of various sports memorabilia, gift cards, as well as racing and bike equipment.  The Ride alone has generated twenty to twenty five thousand dollars towards the cause over the past five years and is expected to do just as well this year.


If you are not a rider but would still like to participate in the ride or donate to the cause, you can volunteer to help make lunch for the riders at the American Legion in Waldo or even ride in a car, although they ask that you wait until all the bikes are out for the safety of the bikers. To volunteer or donate you can go to or contact Mike Hoover at or call him at 614-580-7300.


All proceeds will go to the Make It Fit foundation.  Make It Fit has run several charity events benefiting autism charities and research.  The foundation has donated money to large causes such as research programs at OSU and Autism Speaks, as well as local programs purchasing iPads for kids with autism or helping to send them to summer camp.


Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in this great opportunity.


You have the Diploma…What Now?

I’m finally done! I’ve managed to acquire that little piece of paper as proof that I’m equipped to take on the world, make my own way, and pay an ungodly amount of student loans!  The question is…now what?

The summer in between senior year of high school and the first year of college is supposedly of great importance to the recent graduate.  It’s the summer before you have to enter
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The Volunteers Behind the Scenes at the Memorial Tournament

Every year the Memorial Tournament rolls around and the golf enthusiasts of Central Ohio get swept up in the excitement. And why shouldn’t they? The Memorial offers a unique opportunity for Central Ohioans to see their favorite professional players up close and also has a significant economic impact on Dublin.

However, without the regular people who volunteer their time to putting on the tournament it would not be the great spectacle it is today. From manning the concessions stands to driving the courtesy shuttles to displaying the scores, the tournament counts on the volunteers to do a significant amount of the behind the scenes work.

photo provided by

photo provided by

The volunteers can begin signing up for any of 16 different volunteer committees in February on the Memorial Tournament’s website.  A few of the committees have a few specific requirements that their volunteers must meet, but most only require that the volunteers be 18 years of age or older or volunteer with a parent.  However, some committees, such as the Sandwich Factory, are more popular and therefore are very competitive to get into.

As an incentive, the volunteers are all awarded 2 full week tickets to the tournament after working for at least 12 hours. In addition, volunteers can also opt to have a donation made to Children’s Hospital in their name based on how many hours they work.  Betsy McCollum, a Dublin resident who has been volunteering for 15 years, first heard about the option when her children were at Children’s.  “It’s an easy commitment and it does so much good for the community”, McCollum said.

With or without the incentive, everyone has their own reason for volunteering.  Some, like 1st year volunteer Lon Vickers, just enjoy interacting with people.“I consider myself to be a real people person”, said Vickers, who was a Vice President for Student Affairs at Marietta College and worked in higher education for 42 years. “Plus a part is just giving back to the community in anyway I can.”

Others, like Terre Hanson enjoy being able to work on the course and be close to the action.  “I get to help, be somewhere that I love, and be around people who like the same things,” said Hanson, a 4th year volunteer and mother of 4 currently working in the Sandwich Factory.  “And I get tickets, which is a bonus.”

Whatever their reasons, their contribution goes a long way to making the tournament possible and contributing to both their community and Children’s Hospital.

New Books Climbing the Social Ladder (Part 2)

Here is the conclusion to my “New Books Climbing the Social Ladder” list.  Again, I have tried to pick from several different genres as well as books which have made my top 10 list for the past year.

Mara Dyer is not a regular 16 year old.  There is no pretending that she’s your average girl-next-door type.  Mara’s first memory is waking up in a hospital surrounded by her family with no idea that she is the only survivor of a building collapse that killed her two best friends and her boyfriend.  In the months that follow, she begins suffering from severe PTSD and horrific hallucinations. Even when she is moved to a new town and a new school, the hallucinations and paranoia continue to grow worse.  Oh, and everyone who makes her mad always end up dead; murdered in the most creative ways.  The novel follows her descent into madness and the attempt of another not-so-normal love interest to bring her back from the brink.  But what if she isn’t crazy? This novel by Michelle Hodkins is the first in a trilogy and a must read for anyone who enjoys a good psychological thriller.  However, fair warning: either you will love this book or hate it.  There doesn’t appear to be an in between.

Who doesn’t love a good Dystopia? This novel by Marie Lu is one of the Legend_Marie_Lu_Book_covermost original and thrilling dystopian stories I’ve come across.  The world building, while obviously rooted in the real world, almost eco’s fantasy in it’s complexity.

The chapters are divided into two perspectives: the criminal enemy-number-one, Day, (aka Daniel Altan Wing), and the military prodigy, June Iparis.   Day is just trying to save his family from a mysterious plague that is currently spreading through the poor districts in dystopian Los Angeles, when he is framed for killing a military officer, Metias Iparis.  Metias also happens to be June’s brother: her only remaining family member after her parents died when she was a child.  June, who is the most promising prodigy in the Republic, is snatched out of a military academy and tasked with finding and arresting Day.  The story follows as she struggles to find and gain the trust of Day, but along the way she realizes that the Republic she has devoted her life to, may not be what it appears.  This is first book in a fantastic trilogy that you will not be able to put down.

New Books Climbing the Social Ladder (Part 1)

By now just about everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past couple years has heard of The Hunger Games, Twilight, and, (more recently), Divergent.  These are all widely popular books, in no small part due to their movie adaptations.  With books and their adaptations on the rise, what is next on the horizon?

Below, I have selected a couple books, both series and stand-alone’s, that have been quickly gaining popularity in the bookworm community.  I tried to pick several from various genres, as well as ones that I have personally read and enjoy.

Why did we ever stop reading picture books after kindergarten? Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs is bringing it back in style.  This book is the first in the fantasy series and centers on the sixteen-year-old Jacob Portman who witnesses his grandfather’s bizarre death, is convinced by his parents that he is mentally unstable, and travels to an all-but-abandoned island to prove them wrong.  But, the most original and intriguing element of this book is the authentic photographs which drive the plot.  You will not believe it when you see them, but these are authentic, antique and, for lack of a better word, creepy photographs that Riggs has collected from various flea markets and such.  It’s growing popularity is well deserved.

This next high-fantasy series is a must read for anyone who has loved the beautiful world building of the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter series.  Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor follows Karou, an art student in Prague.  She spends her free time collecting various animal teeth from all over the world for her adopted family who are chimaera: beasts with human and animal physical attributes.  On one such mission for her “father”, the mysterious Brimstone, she is almost killed by something even she didn’t know existed: an angel, (or Seraph as they often refer to themselves).  But, for some reason, this beautiful being of fire hesitates, allowing Karou to escape into an interdimensional portal.  The plot is too complicated to explain in such a short space, but it is well worth the read.  Laini Taylor has a gift for building worlds in which you will have no choice but to lose yourself.

Contemporary fiction as a genre is itself gaining more momentum in popular culture, and one of the writers at the forefront of it is Rainbow Rowell.  She is best known for the novel “Eleanor & Park”, but another of her books, “Fangirl”, is quickly catching up.  This book will introduce you, if you haven’t been already, to the insane world of fandoms and fanfictions.  The main character, Cath is a shy, rather-read-than-party girl who writes fanfiction of the “Simon Snow” series, (which are actually the Harry Potter books but they had to change the name), in her freetime.  But Cath’s world is turned upside down when she has to face the real-life horrors of her freshman year of college.  Rowell does a fantastic job of capturing the reality of being an introverted bookworm just trying to make it in the real world where fake-friends, flirts, and alcoholic sisters stand in the way of your sanity.  It’s a relatable feel-good novel that will exceed expectations.

Stay tuned for more editions.

Wait…You Wrote a Book?

image This is the response Joe Evener typically gets when he tells people he just had a book published. “Everything was always hush-hush. Nobody ever knew I w
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