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Ghost Towns in Delaware County

The Forgotten Places of Delaware, Ohio…


Have you seen this Ghost Town?

Have you seen this Ghost Town?

According to author and researcher Rick Helwig, there are approximately 8,000 to 9,000 ghost towns in Ohio.  Helwig, the director of the Center for Ghost Town Research in Ohio, spoke to a large crowd during a program put on by the Delaware County Historical Society at the First Presbyterian Church.

Helwig runs the center from his home [Read more…]

Take a Bite Out of Orange Township

Delaware County's Bicentennial Barn on Bale Kenyon Road

Delaware County’s Bicentennial Barn on Bale Kenyon Road

Starting in the 1950s, Orange Township land was coveted by developers and needed by state and federal agencies.  Land was acquired for a Columbus Metro Park, U.S. Rt. 71, Alum Creek Dam, and the Polaris shopping mecca.  Long gone farms, villages and stories of settlers give glimpses of the early days while two hundred years later, residential growth is soaring and parks and services are being developed to keep up with the changes.

The 1914 Archaeological Atlas of Ohio shows  6 mounds and 1 enclosure in Orange Township.  Unlike any other township in Delaware County, two mounds and prehistoric earthworks have been preserved in [Read more…]

Take a Journey through Genoa


Sunset along Red Bank Road

Sunset along Red Bank Road

Delaware County History Abounds in Genoa Township!

Genoa Township has three listings on the National Register of Historic Places, and one is a mysterious archaeological site.  In 1879, Professor John T. Short explored two Indian mounds in Genoa Township.  In the 1880 History of Delaware County, an extensive record of the dig explains where they were and what they found, but today the Spruce Run Earthworks has [Read more…]

All Aboard for Ashley and Oxford Township

1 ox 040Tucked up in the northeast corner of Delaware County, Oxford Township is mostly rural and home to the village of Ashley.  Ashley sits way up in the northeast corner of the township, surrounded by Morrow County.  This location may seem remote, but it’s easily accessible on U.S. Rt. 42 or S.R. 229.  The one stoplight in this town happens to be right at that intersection.

In 1810 Ezra and Comfort Olds built
[Read more…]

Concord Township: Set Sail for Scenic Scioto

Coyote at the Ohio Wildlife Center
Coyote at the Ohio Wildlife Center

Concord Township – Cross Section of America!

Even if you don’t dock your boat at the Leatherlips Yacht Club, you can still cruise down both sides of Concord Township in your stylin’ set of wheels.  Spring is the perfect time for a windows-down, radio-up kind of drive.

The Scioto River cuts right down the middle of Concord Township, flanked by state routes 745 and 257 on either side.  The community of Bellpoint is in the north, Rathbone is in the middle and Shawnee Hills holds strong in the southern part.  The Delaware County part of Dublin is at the southern tip. [Read more…]

Two More Townships to Take In: Brown & Berlin

Sunset from Roloson Road, Berlin Twp.

Sunset from Roloson Road, Berlin Twp.

As half of the inspiration for 3 B’s and K Road, the townships of Brown and Berlin include the north end of Alum Creek State Park.  While an earlier article explored the park area, there is much more to know about these townships.

Before any permanent settlers arrived, the northeast quarter of present day Brown Township was designated by the federal government as a Salt Reservation.  This section of land just north of present day [Read more…]

Ohio Wesleyan Unsolved Mystery: Student Missing Since May 4, 1937

picture from

picture from

Ruth Elizabeth Baumgardner was a senior art major at Ohio Wesleyan University in 1937 and has been missing and unfound since May 4, 1937 in the Delaware area. [Read more…]

Day Trippin’ Around the Delaware State Park

0 Blog6 058Delaware County was originally much bigger, with the northern part including what is now southern Marion and Morrow counties.  For that reason, I’m including Waldo in this article, because everyone needs to know about [Read more…]

A Nightmare on Flax Street

Flax Street Building's Three Bay

Flax Street Building’s Three Bay

Delaware Residents may be familiar with the project Doug Neff and myself created in hopes for raising enough funds to open the first spiritually active art gallery in Delaware, Ohio called The Three Bay: Haunted Art Gallery. Unfortunately, the funding goal was not met and we were forced to abandon the project. However, not before having a few paranormal investigations performed on the building itself. “I had a team here before, they said the building was [Read more…]

The Experience Haunted Attraction

Delaware County is no stranger to a spooky story. Ohio Wesleyan University has its fair share of ghost legends, and even the Strand Theatre is rumored to host a spirit or two. So it should come as no surprise that a haunted attraction is practically in our own backyards in Ostrander.

In 1899, the Schneider family farm was located near today’s Dark Woods Theatre, off State Route 36 in Ostrander. Like any other day, Malcolm Schneider’s daughter Saran was out playing in the woods near their house. After hours of playing, Malcolm went out to find her, but there was no trace of the girl. Days after his daughter’s disappearance, Malcolm had disappeared, as well, in his hunt for her. Yet these were woods both father and daughter walked on a regular basis. Was there something evil lurking within the forest, or did Malcolm and Saran trade their farmstead life for one living among the trees, never to return? Dark Woods Entertainment’s “The Experience” gives their answer to the legend.

The creative team, consisting of Alan Saunders, Matt Schmitter, Mike Manter, Darren Huff, Matthew Cherubino and William “Rusty” Lowry, were tired of the gore and cheap scare tactics used in haunted houses in the area and wanted to create a haunted attraction based on a good story and some special effects. I am a big pansy, however, so I brought my friend Kayla along, and we braved the haunted attraction this past Saturday night. And also because I’m a pansy (and maybe some of my readers are, too) I’m going to use scared cat gifs to describe how I felt throughout the night.


The attraction is a casual, walking tour through the woods. Groups go at their own pace and are staggered in 10-minute blocks. The whole walk only takes about 20-25 minutes. Saturday was a perfect night to go, but the previous weekend there had been quite a bit of rain, so the trail would’ve been fairly wet. I wore rain boots and lots of layers, just in case. Guides get you started down the first part of the trail, explaining the lay of the land, some facts about the railroad that used to run through the area, and the “rules” rules of the walk: no cell phones or other artificial light, other than what’s provided, and just follow the natural path – if you start heading into brambles or branches, you may want to readjust. We didn’t have any issues with going off the path, and our eyes adjusted easily to the darkness.


The attraction begins with an enchanted mask guarding a gate, which tells the story of Malcolm and Saran. The story ends, the gate opens, and you’re on your own. Scarecrows and shadowy figures in the darkness lead the way at first. But as the creators intended, eventually your mind begins to play tricks on you and you’re not sure if you’ve seen another shadowy figure or if it’s just the forest looking particularly dark in that area.


Exceptionally creepy areas include a doll-adorned portion of the forest and a graveyard. My scaredy-cat self jumped (yes, and screamed) at a few of the scenes, but my partner in crime was loving everything.


It wasn’t until the final scare where I kept my eyes closed and Kayla was in horror heaven. I don’t want to give it away, but things get very dark, somewhat enclosed, and you see the legend from an entirely different perspective.


“The Experience” runs Fridays and Saturday nights (and Halloween) through November 2 at 10001 W Marysville Rd, Ostrander. Adult tickets are $10 and children ages 12 and under are $8. Get more information or pre-order your tickets at


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