Hoover Cleanup Day September 26, 2015

Local Club Looking for Clean Up Help


Hoover Cleanup Day September 26
The Big Walnut Nature Club invites you to join them for Hoover Cleanup Day on Saturday, September 26.  This is part of a larger event [Read more…]

300 Volunteers Needed To Tap Maple Trees For Largest Maple Syurp Festival In Ohio

Volunteers needed to tap Maple Trees!


Each year, in the stillness of winter, maple trees stand at the ready… waiting… preparing for that day when they give the very sap needed for true maple syrup.  And this year, the time has come once again.

Who: EVERYONE! It does not matter if you Scout or not! Bring your family, friends, Pack, Troop, Crew, Ship, Girl Scout Troop, 4H Club, Church, and / or Service Club!
What: Maple Tree Sap Tap
When: January 31st, at 9am
Where: Camp Lazaurs, U.S. 23 Delaware, Ohio.

Saturday January 31, 2015 10 am Camp Lazarus begins the Annual Tapping of the Trees. With only volunteer help, nearly 1,000 spiles, buckets, and lids need hung throughout the 300 acre camp. Everyone is welcome to come learn and help tap the trees. Hot coffee and chocolate is always available.

Registration can be done on the Maple Syurp Sap Tap Facebook event page by clicking

If you unable to register on Facebook, or have any questions, please feel free to call the Camp Ranger at (740) 548-5502.



Volunteers Needed For River Sweep Litter Cleanup

The Delaware General Health District’s Keep Delaware County Beautiful program is seeking volunteers to help pick litter out of the Scioto River on Saturday, Sept. 6 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
[Read more…]

Ohio Fallen Heroes

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Sunbury Ohio is small town in located in the almost exact center of Ohio which is why it was chosen to be home of the Ohio Fallen Heroes memorial which [Read more…]

Delta Theta Tau National Philanthropic Sorority is coming to Delaware!

We invite you to become a member of Delta Theta Tau.

Who we are:

Not a college sorority, we are a community based, philanthropic organization.

Non-sectarian, local community service group for women aged 18 and older.

Join us for an informational meeting at

Andrews House on Saturday, May 31 at 4:00

Contact Amy at

Learn more about the sorority at [Read more…]

Help Connections by Volunteering to Help with the New Moon Event on May 31st!

Volunteer for this fun Delaware hometown event that helps the community and Connections.The New Moon event is a quarter and half marathon that is being held in downtown Delaware on Saturday, May 31st.  Volunteers are needed to help with the race from 5 – 9pm. Volunteers will be helping at aid stations (pass out water), as course marshals, with registration, and at the finish line.  Connections will receive a donation for every volunteer we recruit who shows up to help. For volunteering you will receive a t-shirt, beer token (over 21 years of age), and post-run snacks. Some businesses will be staying open late and there will be a band for entertainment. If you’d like to volunteer, please let us know!  Volunteers need to be 18 or older or with a parent/guardian. 


Erin Coss

Training Coordinator

Connections Volunteer Center

39 West Winter Street, Delaware, Ohio 43015

Email: Website:

Phone: 740.363.5000  Cell:614-203-1008  Fax: 740.369.0351

What is 4-H?


At some point or another you’ve  probably heard about 4-H. It’s commonly known  as activity for people who live in the country or who have animals; but 4-H can be enjoyed by people of all ages and interests.

As  a 12 year member and president of a Delaware county club i can say say that 4-H has made a huge impact on my life. I’ve learned many skill like being able to speak in public and do interviews. Some of these skills are things kids and teens are never taught in school and 4-H provides that opportunity for them. So what exactly is 4-H?

4-H stands for the four “H” words that represent the ethics of the organization:

Head – Managing and Thinking

Heart – Relating and Caring

Hands – Giving and Working

Health – Being and Living

Delaware county is home to around 75 clubs and offers over 200 projects. A few of the project areas include art, cooking, science, large and small animals, and much more. You can become a member or “cloverbud” if you are between the ages of 5 and 19. Adults can also become advisers or volunteers.

Throughout the year members work on their projects along with community services and fundraisers. Members can also participate in local or state fairs.

The fair is one of the main highlights of the 4-H year. Members get to display what they have learned about their project to everyone while having fun with their friends and seeing what other people have done through their projects. Many members also get paid some money for participating. Market animal projects and baking projects also have the opportunity to go to auction where local businesses bid on the food or animal. Through the this the businesses support 4-H and the members get to keep most of the profits from their item.

Over the years i’ve done over 15 different projects. Projects are books that teach you about a certain thing you want to learn like cooking or how to care for  an animal while giving you hands on experience. Advisers, volunteers, and parents usually help the members with these.

Before fair members get interviewed by people of experience in their project area. I remember that first year sitting down in front of this adult and being terrified. Now interviews are something i look forward to because i know i have the experience and can speak in front of people without getting nervous. Over the years 4-H has also doubled my resume and experience and given me the opportunity to work in a somewhat professional environment as a leader. 4-H can even open up scholarship opportunities for kids who are graduating and have participated in 4-H.

As a member i got to participate in and come up with many interesting fundraisers and community service projects. One of these was creating a movie night series for  my township in a local park. We advertised and got sponsors and even helped a local wildcat sanctuary by creating a short movie to urge the community to get involved and donate supplies. We also worked our own concession stand and taught the younger members how to do things like take orders and give change.

4-H has helped shaped me into the person i am today and has helped me learn to love things i never thought i would enjoy doing. It provides a new learning experience for kids and teens as well as way to meet new friends, find new interests and make memories.

You can get involved by contacting your local extension office or going to


Maple Syrup Festival

Maple Syrup Festival

It’s one of the early signs of spring in Delaware County – the annual Maple Syrup Festival at Camp Lazarus put on by the Boy Scouts of America – Simon Kenton Council. The temperature this past Saturday got up to nearly 50 degrees, and you could tell people were itching to get out of their homes and enjoy the sunshine after a long and brutal winter.

For a $5 admission and $5 all-you-can-eat pancakes, it’s an event filled with entertainment for the whole family. Ironically, the festival’s namesake (Maple Syrup) was in short supply. The Boy Scouts were proud to explain the syrup-making process, and it involves a winter that has frequent daytime temperatures above 40 degrees, and nights below freezing. Since our Central Ohio winter didn’t start seeing daytime temperatures above 40 until this past week, the sap just wasn’t running enough in time for the festival. By opening weekend only three gallons of syrup had been tapped.

Maple Syrup Festival

Winding your way through the campground you were likely to see visions of yesteryear and how the early settlers would have lived. Kids were happy to ride in a horse-drawn carriage, visit a Blacksmith, cut and brand their own piece of wood, churn butter, shoot BB guns, throw tomahawks and much more!

Maple Syrup Festival

Maple Syrup Festival

Maple Syrup Festival

Maple Syrup Festival

Maple Syrup Festival

Maple Syrup Festival

Maple Syrup Festival

Two other presentations that were not to be missed included a firing of an historic cannon and Native American dancing.

Maple Syrup Festival

Maple Syrup Festival

The Simon Kenton Council has things down to a science at this point since this is their 27th year for the annual Maple Syrup Festival. Program Director Ken Ruppel gives much credit to the 175 individuals who volunteer their time to make it all possible. It was clear that the volunteers enjoyed themselves as much as the families enjoyed attending.

To view more photos from the event, visit my Flickr page and scroll away!


Two More Townships to Take In: Brown & Berlin

Sunset from Roloson Road, Berlin Twp.

Sunset from Roloson Road, Berlin Twp.

As half of the inspiration for 3 B’s and K Road, the townships of Brown and Berlin include the north end of Alum Creek State Park.  While an earlier article explored the park area, there is much more to know about these townships.

Before any permanent settlers arrived, the northeast quarter of present day Brown Township was designated by the federal government as a Salt Reservation.  This section of land just north of present day [Read more…]

Delaware Can Meet Your 2014 Resolutions.


Happy New Year!

Coming up with that New Years Resolution list is easy, however, accomplishing those things can often be a challenge. Fortunately, Delaware has everything and anything you need to check off those resolutions off your list, one by one.

According to, the two things at the top of most people’s new resolution lists are losing weight and volunteering. Both of these goals produce very beneficial results, and most importantly, the resources needed are located right here in Delaware.

Loosing Weight

According to, 30.1% of adults living in Ohio are obese. The seriousness of our weight problem is evident in the illness tied to those extra pounds: 11.7% of Ohio’s adults had diabetes in 2012 and 32.7% had high blood pressure. Still, there are ways to take control and knock off a few pounds right here in Delaware County.

If the whole idea of running on the treadmill and lifting weights paints an unpleasant picture in your head, try zumba. You do not have to be an expert dancer to try it out either. Zumba is an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance. Typically, all you have to do is mimic the instructor’s moves as best as you can. Classes are offered in gyms all around Delaware such as Metro Fitness and Get Fit. Just visit their websites for class schedules.

Believe it or not, walking is a great source of exercise depending on how much you do it. Typically, you can burn between 150-160 calories just from walking one mile. Get in the habit of taking a morning stroll every morning. The trail at Smith Park measures 1.1 miles, Mingo Park’s trail is 1 mile, Carson Farms has a trail that is .4 miles, Kensington Trail is .5 miles, and Stratford Woods has a trail that is .5 miles long. The indoor recreation center at Mingo Park is also open for walking during inclement weather at 7:30am on weekdays. Thirteen laps around the gym is equal to 1 mile.

If it’s laziness you’re worried about and lack of consistency, Delaware does have some personal trainers out and about. finds personal trainers near you that work within your schedule and help you work toward your personal goals whether it’s weight loss, muscle, aerobics, or cardio. Just visit this link here if you want to find one in Delaware

After a long day of training, make sure to stop by Pure-N-Simple Natural Foods on 23 W. Winter Street in Delaware. They specialize in organic and natural foods and products. Here are some healthy food trips and tricks offered to you by them:

  1. Use spices like chili power, turmeric, and basil instead of salt. These spices all help reduce inflammation.
  2.  Use avocado as a spread for your sandwiches instead of mayo
  3.  Use olive oil and spices instead of creamy dressings. The olive oil is full of anti-inflammatory polyphenols.
  4. Eat plain Greek Yogurt with berries instead of eggs. Eggs are good as long as they are fortified with Omega 3’s
  5. Eat vegetarian chili instead of a turkey sandwich. Eating legumes regularly can help reduce the levels of inflammation
  6.  Use cinnamon instead of sugar in your tea or coffee. Cinnamon is a spice that helps reduce inflammation.


The benefits you gain from volunteering are worth way more than the money you’d get from a real job. Research has shown that 73% of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without. Along with that, 94% of employees who volunteered to learn new skills have benefited by either getting their first job, improving their salary, or being promoted. Those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer. Plus, volunteering is a priceless gesture. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you did something good for someone else willingly.

Delaware businesses and organizations are always looking for a helping hand. Grady Hospital is a perfect example. If interested, volunteers must complete the volunteer applications and return it to the Volunteer Services Department while completing a background check. Volunteer opportunities include working in the gift shop, helping transport discharged patients, providing those in the waiting area with refreshments, and working with guest services. More info can be found at

Ever heard the saying “respect your elders?” Well now you can, by volunteering at the Council for Older Adults. Applications are online, and volunteer opportunities include delivering hot meals to older adults in the community as a Meals on Wheels driver or assistant, lending a hand with kitchen and dining center tasks in the Food and Nutritional Services Program, helping with mailing and other clerical work in the council office, and more. More info is at

If you love working with animals, then the Human Society is the perfect place to volunteer at. They are always looking for cat socializers, dog walkers, people to just spend time with the animals, people to help the staff with their tasks and so much more. Although much of the work is done at the shelter, other tasks can be done in your own home. They need people to help out at the front desk, take dogs to off-site adoption events, answer the phones, and participate in fundraising. Cleaners are difficult to find, but they are still looking! The Human Society is supported financially by just the donations they receive. They receive no government funds, so volunteers are essential. There’s also the Reading to the Animals Program that children can help out with. To sign up for that, go to, and when prompted, enter with the volunteer email address More info is at

So how about it Delaware, what are some of your New Years resolutions for 2014 and how do you plan on sticking with them? Tell us about it in the comment section below.