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Delaware City Voters Guide

Editors note: Below is a list of some local issues and candidates. The editors, writers and staff of DelawareO do not endorse any issue or candidate. The information has been gathered from a number of sources and we make no claims as to its accuracy. Please do your own research and exercise the most precious right we have – to get out and vote. Paid political advertisments on DelawareO do not indicate an endorsement.

November 5th Delaware City Voter’s GuideOn Tuesday November 5th, Delaware City will take to the polls! The City Council race is the most hotly contested of this election cycle (The Delaware City School Board members are all running unopposed, as well as two judges and one court clerk), and there is one issue for voter’s to decide by ballot.

Here’s a quick, non-partisan rundown for you of voter’s choices.

Delaware City Schools (choose 3)Board members
Jayna McDaniel-Browning
Frances O’Flaherty
Debra Rafeld
write-in: Brandon Len Feller

I have not found any campaign information related to the write-in candidate Brandon Len Feller. If you have information related to this candidate, please comment below.


The two issues for ward 4-B voters to decide on the ballot is whether or not to allow two downtown restaurants to serve alcoholic beverages on Sunday. Issue one is to allow Sunday sales at  1808 American Bistro and Issue Two is to allow Sunday Sales for Veritas Tavern.

Delaware City Council

Our city council is comprised of 7 members, three of which are “at-large” members (meaning they are not associated with any specific area of town).  The other four seats are each from a specific ward of Delaware city. The mayor and vice-mayor elected council members who are then voted into office by the council. The three at-large seats are the seats open during this election, and voters can vote for up to 3 candidates. Candidates are listed here in alphabetical order. I’m including some basic background information as well as a quote found either on their website or in previous articles that shines some light on their plans while in office or anything else I felt was interesting or pertinant.

George A. Hellinger has 7 years of experience on the Delaware city planning commission, the past 2 years have been as chairman. “I truly enjoy planning commission, but if I could be a council rep to the planning commission, that could be even better.”

Robert Hoffman has previously served on the council for 3 terms.

Teri M. Owens is a 1997 grad of Capital University who also received “legal training” at OSU and Capital U’s Law School. She currently serves as office manager and legal assistant in her husband’s Delaware law office. “I believe problems can be solved while keeping taxes low and government efficient.” Her website is

Terrie A. Price is a lifelong Delaware resident and veteran of Columbus Division of Police (34 years served). He is interested in extending Sawmill Parkway to Delaware and adding a parking garage to downtown. “I’m just a regular, middle-class guy. I could have moved from here to follow jobs that I was offered, but I love Delaware, and I just want to make it a better place for everybody’s family.” (website is However, it seems that the majority of the content is “protected” so there isn’t much information available). His website can be found at

Carolyn K. Riggle is the only incumbent in this race. She has been serving on the council since 2003. She has served at a variety of non-profit organizations including the Delaware County Fair Board, Women’s City Club, and Jeff’s Jam. Her website is

Jeff Rike is a US Navy veteran and holds a Master’s in Public Administration. He intends to focus on downtown parking issues.  “I just like talking to people and finding out what they think. That’s really what City Council is for.”

Kent H. Shaffer is retired after more than 33 years in the Columbus Police Department. He currently owns his own consulting business which focuses in the criminal justice, public service and public policy arena. “I have been a public servant for over 33 years as a law enforcement officer, and want to continue to serve my hometown now on council.” His website is

See you at the polls!

Delaware’s “Unofficial” Election Results.

May, 2013

Per the Delaware County Board of Elections a total of 13,841 out 126,719 registered voters turned out for yesterdays elections.

The Board of Developmental Disabilities Tax Levy passed by 8,660 votes to 5,074. A margin of 63.06% to 36.94%.

Council for Older Adults Tax levy passed by 9,415 votes to 4,354. A margin of 68.38% to 31.62%.

Delaware City Schools Bond Issue passed 3,389 to 2,200 votes. A margin of 60.64% to 39.36%.

Per the Board of Elections Website, “Provisional and vote by mail ballots that are postmarked May 6, 2013 but not yet received in the Board of Elections office will not be included the unofficial results. These ballots will be counted and included in the Official Canvass.’

For other county election results, visit the Delaware County Board of Elections Website.

Don’t forget to VOTE Delaware!

Voting time!

It election day in Delaware, two items on the agenda for Delaware County include:

  • Board of Developmental Disabilities Tax Levy
  • Council for Older Adults

For more information on what is on the ballot, where to vote, or questions in general visit the Delaware County Board of Elections website at

As “they” say, if you don’t vote, than don’t complain!

Voting is a fundamental right and allows your voice to be heard, be sure to get out today and exercise it!