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Picnic With The Cops August 1, 2014 (Slideshow)

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Who do you know in these pictures?

It was a wonderful evening to be out for Main Street Delaware’s First Friday “Picnic with the Cops.” I think the best was the kids “Police Academy” where they had to leave the squad car, run a course, and take out some cups with a water pistol. Something I found odd, the long line to “Dunk a Cop” (no pun intended).

All photo’s are credited to Rocky VanBrimmer, and may be shared on Social Media with a link to They may not be used commercially with out permission.

Delaware City Council Notes- Iconic Downtown Restaurant Applies For Liquor Permit

Delaware, Ohio City Council notes Monday, October, 25 2013

Liquor permits were a key topic of the city council’s Oct. 28th meeting, as they heard requests from two Sandusky Street restaurants. The owner of the incoming Son of Thurman restaurant, an expansion of the Thurman Cafe in Columbus, requested the city transfer existing D1, D2 and D3 class liquor permits for the address to them.

 Hamburger Inn’s owner also requested a new D5 permit, as they plan to serve beer and wine in the existing level and build an upstairs bar for stronger liquor above the restaurant. While there were some concerns about how customers would access the upper level, both requests were approved by the City Council.

The Council also heard a request for a 5-year extension on a tax break for T/M Realty’s property at 144 Johnson Drive (Johnson Industrial Park). The approved request expanded the reinvestment tax break to 15 years, the common time limit now.

Council members also discussed the Mingo Park ordinance tabled at the last meeting, moving the project forward so the pool will be open by Memorial Day 2015, although who will provide funding was not entirely defined.

September First Friday…A Perfect Evening!

Your staff reports from the event

PattiLast night was as nearly perfect an evening as you could ask for. Your humble staff again did what it does best…get out and visit with our people! The weather was ideal and atmosphere was a buzz of energy. The theme of the night was Pet Walk so we encountered leashed four legged friends every few feet of our journey.

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First Friday – Delaware People are our People!

Jason (Father) and Jake (Son) Stein pose with a Delaware City Police Officer at "Picnic With the Cops."  Photo R VanBrimmer / DelawareO

Jason (Father) and Jake (Son) Stein pose with a Delaware City Police Officer at “Picnic With the Cops.” Photo R VanBrimmer / DelawareO

That’s why we set up a table to meet and greet at First Friday last night. The main event of the evening was “Picnic with the Cops.” Part of Winter Street was blocked off so we could meet our local police men and women. They had police cruisers for the little ones to explore as well as a children’s police academy training camp and some games.

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“Killin Time” at Brooklyn Heights.

Killin Time "killin" the crowd with some sweet sounds.

Killin’ Time “killin” the crowd with some sweet sounds of good ole’ fashion Rock-N-Roll.

Not looking for a place to sit on the patio and hear live blues and good ole’ fashion rock-n-roll, the management staff was pleasantly delighted to catch “Killin’ Time” at Brooklyn Heights. [Read more…]