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Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is Hiring




Powell, OH – Listen to the upbeat music while you operate the 1914 Mangels-Illions Grand Carousel at the Columbus Zoo, or hear guests scream with joy as you spin them backwards down Cyclone at ZoombeziBay. If golf is your calling, then create delicious burgers and brats at Safari Golf Club for golfers after a great day on the course.


The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, ZoombeziBay and Safari Golf Club are looking for talented individuals to join the team. Applicants who can work through Labor Day at ZoombeziBayWaterPark, through Wildlights (Jan. 3) at the Zoo or until October at Safari Golf Club will be considered.


Several seasonal positions are open in food and beverage, retail, rides, aquatics and more. Candidates must be age 16 or older to apply. Weekday availability is preferred, but not necessary to apply.


For more information on available positions and to apply online, please visit Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is an equal opportunity employer.

Source: press release

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