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DelawareO Writing Team Keeps Growing!

Writer’s Writers Everywhere!

Over the last few weeks we have been screening and interviewing many potential candidates to join the DelawareO writing team. We are pleased to introduce you to our newest talent to the team. In no particular order:

 Arden Palmquist

ArdenArden was born in Tuscan, Arizona but raised in Delaware, Ohio. As a junior at Delaware Hayes High School she is a staff writer for the school newspaper, The Talisman. In the spring Arden devotes her time to not only writing but also lacrosse. This upcoming season she will be the team captain. She spends her free time reading, writing, and being with friends. Arden describes herself as being a “media junkie,” since she is online “all the time.”

Hannah Kern

HannahHannah is a sophomore at Delaware Hayes High School and has lived in Delaware for 12 years. Aside from writing, Hannah participates in cross country, girl’s lacrosse, and track and field. She’s also musically enhanced; taking private piano lessons once a week and being involved in the Hayes Orchestra as a violinist. Hannah is the daughter of Beth and Shannon Kern and the older sister of Rachel and Seth Kern. She also has two dogs – Charlie and Cody. In the future, Hannah would like to pursue a career in forensic sciences and psychology and eventually work her way up to the BAU or FBI. She would also like to have blogging or journalism as a secondary career.

Kelsey Sommers

KelseyKelsey is a self-described news-junkie, foodie, nerd, inherently social creature and excited young professional. As Multimedia Specialist for the Delaware General Health District and new Delaware resident, she hopes to become a highly involved member in her new community. Kelsey started writing before she was technically able to, beginning with a summer publication called the Family Daily (readership of 4) at age 7. She is excited to continue this long-time love affair with writing within the DelawareO community. Follow her as she explores your longtime favorite county and her new home.

Sue Lamphere

LampherephotoDelOSue grew up in Delaware in the 1970s, when riding your bike without a helmet from one end of town to the other was no big deal. Forty years later she’s come full circle, from the “can’t wait to get out Dodge” days of her youth, to the “can’t wait to move back home” feelings that brought her back to Delaware from Indianapolis in 2007. She works locally, but enjoys leaving the desk behind and exploring back roads, parks, and random destinations. When not spending time with friends and family, she enjoys reading, volunteering, walking, and dabbling in creative endeavors.

Owen Conlan

OwnOwen has called Delaware Ohio home since 2008. Owen grew up outside of Cleveland Ohio and later moved to Buffalo New York for college where he received his first degree in History. He has always been an fan of storytelling, and has written short stories and novels since he was a child. Owen is also a huge Cleveland Sports fan (by birth), and a Buffalo Sports fan (yes, by choice). He is a proud father to a lovely 4 year old girl, and five energetic cats. Other interests include Golfing, Cycling, and Home brewing.

Roy Mayberry

Roy-Mayberry-Photo-2Roy was born in Columbus Ohio on the year of Pretty Hate Machine, 1989. While growing, and becoming more capable in his emotional to visual expression, Roy took on the art of drawing. This fervor for drawing developed into an affection for music, writing, photography and even a liking to the dismemberment of audibly animate, self conscious, machinery. In the year of 2011, Roy was featured in the Hamilton Music Awards in Canada; Noted for his illustrative artwork and electronic musical instrument designs.

Jon Yerian

JonYJon, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), is a partner with John Gerlach & Company CPAs, a certified public accounting firm with offices in Columbus and Delaware. With over 16 years’ experience in public accounting, with a primary focus in taxation and accounting matters relating to individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations, Jon welcomes all questions and comments for discussion. Outside of the world of taxation, Jon enjoys the wonderful world of life in Delaware, with his wife and 3 young children, from which many more exciting questions and comments abound.