A Profile on Kyle Harrison “K18” : Ohio Machine Midfeilder

Kyle Harrison also know as “K18” started  playing lacrosse when he was 4 years old. His dad,photo Dr. Miles Harrison, played lacrosse on the first all-African American college team during the 1970’s and inspired K18 to play.

“My dad played from the time I could walk,”  Harrison said. ” He taught me how to play. I’m from Baltimore so it’s a little different from Ohio where its newer. Baltimore its like football and soccer and basketball are everywhere else. ”

Harrison lives in New Port Beach, California with his wife. Where he spends his off-season traveling and doing requirements for his sponsors like STX  .  He also plays pick up basketball, and goes to a lot of movies.

Harrison also played soccer and basketball in high school, but he has always been a mid-fielder.

“Midfield in lacrosse combines my favorite parts in ever sport. you get to play offence you get to play defense, [and] you get to have transition,” Harrison said. “Where as if you where an attack man you would only play offence, if you where a defense man you would only play defense.  I like being able to do everything.”

K18 is an equipment line of Harrison’s that came out when he graduated High School. K for Kyle and 18 for his number which is also the same number that his dad wore when he played. The nickname “K18” stuck and has been around ever since.

After High School Harrison when to Johns Hopkins University where he won the Tewaaraton Award. An award given to the most outstanding college Lacrosse player in America.

When Harrison was asked on what advise he would give to young lacrosse players he said, “Stop going to so many tournaments and start going to skill camps, you know so many kids go to these tournaments where there is 30 kids on a team they might get two to three runs per quarter its great to compete but kids now in days are lacking skills. so I say fewer tournaments and more skill camps.”

K18 played for New Jersey Los Angeles, and Denver before he played for the Ohio Machine. So far this year he has scored a total of 21 goals.

Harrison has not only played for the MLL he also was a player for the US National Lacrosse team in 2006 and is played again for them in Denver on Thursday July 10th through the 19th.

” I think wearing a jersey with USA on the front is a dream come true  for most young athletes no matter what the sport is.” Harrison said.

You can catch K18 and the rest of the Ohio Machine on July 26th at Selby Stadium at 4:30pm. Tickets can be purchased through The Ohio Machine Website.

Ohio Machine Locks Up the Outlaws: Third Win in a Row

Midfielder Kyle Harrison cradles the ball on his way to drilling the final goal for the Machine

Midfielder Kyle Harrison cradles the ball on his way to drilling the final goal for the Machine. Photo by Spenser Hickey – DelawareO

Saturday, June 26th the Ohio Machine took on the Denver Outlaws, and boy was it an intense game. The first quarter started off pretty sketchy. Eric O’Brien, number 10, from the Machine was up against Anthony Kelly, number 47, from the Outlaws. The first faceoff is always the most dramatic, it sets to tone for the game. Kelly from Outlaws had won the faceoff which soon lead to Chris Bocklet from the Outlaws to score the first goal. Within only a few seconds the Outlaws had managed to score.

 A minute later, Jeremy Sieverts from the Outlaws scored causing the score to be Machine 0 and Outlaws 2. Just as the Outlaws made their third goal, the game started to get interesting. With the score being Machine 0 and Outlaws 3 it starts to pour down along with lightning and a sounds of thunder in the distance.

 The first quarter isn’t even over and the game is delayed. The patient fans waited out the rain and the game continued at 6:02 right on the dot. The time that the Machine was given was the perfect opportunity to pull together as a team.

As the last six minutes of the first quarter tick away, the machine starts to make a comeback. Logan Schuss makes the first goal for the Machine setting the score 1-3. After Schuss’s first goal, the Machine made three more after that bringing the score to 4-3.

 The first quarter ended with the Outlaws making a score in the last six seconds. Which brought the score to a tie, 4-4.

 The start of the second quarter was a lot like the first. O’Brien and Kelly started off the quarter with an intense faceoff. In the end Outlaws won the faceoff which helped the team score causing the score to be 4-5. Outlaws winning by one. Back and forward each team started getting goals.

 With six minutes left in the quarter, Machine player Chad Wiedmaier was given a penalty for holding and had to sit out for a minute. The score is Machine 9 and Outlaws 10. In less than two minutes the Outlaws score two more goals leaving the second quarter with the Outlaws winning, 9-12.

 The second quarter was the Outlaws quarter, but the Machine owned the third quarter.

Machine Midfielder Dominique Alexander fires the Machine's 12th goal. Photo by Spenser Hickey - DelawareO

Machine Midfielder Dominique Alexander fires the Machine’s 12th goal. Photo by Spenser Hickey – DelawareO

 The third quarter started off exactly like the first and second did, the Outlaws won the faceoffs and scored the first goal of the quarter. The Outlaws then scored another goal which caused some drama on the field. The Machine challenged the Outlaws which left the final decision to the refs. After waiting for two minutes, the refs decided to give the Outlaws the point.

 The score is 9-14. Outlaws are winning. The machine is down my five. During the quarter the Machine made a great comback and scored a total of seven goals while the Outlaws scored five goals this quarter.

 At the end of the quarter the score was Machine 16 and Outlaws 17. This is the point in the game where it gets really intense. There’s one quarter left in the game and a lot can happen in just one quarter. The crowd gets anxious and excited and that’s when the players feed off of the crowd.

 “It’s always nice to get extra energy from the crowd.” said head coach Bear Davis.

 This crowd was really getting into the game. They chanted the player’s names, chanted on the defense and even booed some of the calls the refs made. This really gets the players going, it helps them amp up and get into the zone.

 “We love the crowd,” said O’Brien. “It rained and everyone could have left. But they stuck around. A big thanks to all of the Delaware fans.”

Click here to see more Machine Game Day Photos.

 The fourth quarter started out like the other quarters. Outlaws won the faceoff and scored the first goal. Only a few minutes into the game number 91 from the Outlaws, Dillon Roy, is on the ground. The penalty is given to Machine player number 10, Eric O’Brien for crosscheck.

 After the penalty, the machine scores two more goals brings the score to 18-18. Both teams score back and forward. First the Outlaws score, then the Machine then the Outlaws then the machine. In the last twenty seconds, the Machine and Outlaws are tied. 22-22.

 The tie means overtime.

 This is the second game in a row where the Machine goes into overtime. The crowd is on their feet, screaming and chanting for the Machine. “Defense. Defense.” The crowd chants, almost shaking the stadium.

A flag is thrown, one of many in a tightly fought game. Photo by Spenser Hickey - DelawareO

A flag is thrown, one of many in a tightly fought game. Photo by Spenser Hickey – DelawareO

 “Offense stepped it up and so did defense,” said O’Brien. “Our number two in overtime.”

 There’s a twist of events. The machine wins the faceoff, all thanks to Midfield player number 36, Bobby Dattilo. It’s an intense few minutes, first the Machine has the ball and then Outlaws take it and try to shoot. The crowd continues to chant, “Defense! Defense!”.

 The clock reads 8:15 when Kyle Harrison, number 18 for the Ohio Machine scores the winning goal. The final score is 23-22. The Machine have won their third game in a row.

 “I think we’re unbeatable right now.” said O’Brien.

 This game was not only intense but was also the highest scoring game of the season for the Machine players.

 “It was just a crazy game.” said team captain, Steele Stanwick. After missing the past two games, Stanwick was happy to be back and playing with his team. This was Stanwick’s game. He scored three goals and had several assists. “This is our first time beating the Outlaws, Stanwick says. “I’ve been here since year one and to see this kind of transition is amazing.”

The Machine will be playing against the Rochester Rattlers on August 2nd for their last away game of the season. Best of luck to the Machine players! Oil up!

Six Machine Players to Participate in MLL All-Star Game

Baum, Schreiber, Schuss Named All-Stars;

Will Face Machine Teammates Harrison, Holman, Stanwick and Team USA

Major League Lacrosse announced today Ohio Machine players Peter Baum, Tom Schreiber and Logan Schuss have been named MLL All-Stars and will play against Team USA in the 2014 MLL All-Star Game in Boston, MA on June 26, 2014. Baum, Schreiber and Schuss will face-off against fellow Machine teammates Kyle Harrison, Marcus Holman and Steele Stanwick, who were named to Team USA in February. Players were selected through a balloting process by MLL coaches and general managers.

First-year Machine midfielder Peter Baum, the first overall pick in the 2013 MLL Collegiate Draft, leads the Machine in goals (14) and ranks second on the team in points (17). Baum currently sits third in the league in goals scored and 10th in the league in points. Baum ranks in the top-10 in the Machine’s all-time goals scored and points list despite having played in only six games.

Rookie midfielder Tom Schreiber has been a big contributor since joining the Machine in Week 3 of the season. After an outstanding career at Princeton, the first overall pick in the 2014 MLL Collegiate Draft has tallied seven goals and nine points through four games this season. Schreiber earned Cascade Rookie of the Week honors following the Machine’s victory over the Bayhawks on May 31. Schreiber scored a goal and added an assist in the win while also playing a shutdown two-way game from the midfield.

Second-year attackman Logan Schuss earned his first All-Star Game nod after a standout rookie season and a hot start to his sophomore campaign. Schuss, the Machine’s all-time goal scoring leader, set a club record for points in a game (8) in the Machine’s last outing against the Boston Cannons. Schuss is currently tied for 12th in the league in points and is tied for third on the team in goals scored.

The 24-man MLL All-Star Team will face-off against Team USA on Thursday, June 26 at Harvard Stadium at 7:30 p.m. The game will be broadcast live by CBS Sports Network. For the Machine, the six players participating in the All-Star game are the most in club history. The Machine had four players participate in the 2012 All-Star Game and two players in last year’s game.

The Machine returns to Selby Stadium on June 14 at 5:30 p.m. when the team takes on the Rochester Rattlers. Tickets for the game against Rochester start at $12 and can be purchased by calling 614-754-1973 or visiting www.theohiomachine.com/tickets.


About the Ohio Machine

The Ohio Machine, Ohio’s Major League Lacrosse team founded in 2012, begins its 2014 season in April. The Machine will play its 2014 home games at Selby Stadium in Delaware, Ohio. The 2014 MLL season runs from April 26 to August 9 with the 2014 MLL Championship August 23. For more information on the Ohio Machine, visit www.theohiomachine.com, or follow the team on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Ohio Machine Press Release


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