If I Stay Movie Review

Previously, I wrote a review on the book, If I Stay by Gayle Forman which recently came out as a major motion picture.

This is the first movie that I have seen that follows the book precisely and when I say that I mean line for line and stays to the plot.

If I Stay is about a young girl, Mia, who has to make the decision of a lifetime. She is living this perfect life with the perfect family, perfect boyfriend, and a chance to attend Juilliard after high school for cello. But in an instant, everything in Mia’s life turns upside down in a car crash that kills her family. Now it’s Mia’s decision to wake up from her coma or to die along with the rest of her family.

The movie stars, Chloe Grace Moretz as Mia and Jamie Blackley as Adam, Mia’s love interest in the book and movie.

I walked into the movie theatre with candy, popcorn and a box of tissues. Truthfully, I cried more than I did in The Fault in our Stars, which is saying a lot if you have seen the movie or read the book. Moretz and Blackley did an outstanding job bringing Mia and Adam and their love to life.

If I Stay was a movie made for hopeless romantics. It’s a movie to see with family, with friends, with your significant other and it’s a movie to see by yourself. It’s full of meaningful life lessons, comedy, love and heartbreak. Everything a movie needs is right here in If I Stay.
However, I do recommend that you see this movie with a box of tissues and lots of comfort food, you’re going to need it!

Movie Review: Godzilla (2014)


Godzilla (2014), directed by Gareth Edwards, has been a very much anticipated film this year. Many of us Godzilla fans were both excited and nervous for its release, we all remember what Roland Emmerich did with the last American rendition of the Japanese classic monster movie in Godzilla (1998). I honestly didn’t know how I felt after watching Godzilla (2014), it’s taken me three weeks to finally familiarize myself with a certain emotional value the film awakens and that is relief! Thank Godzilla, this film was a breath of fresh atomic nuclear fire compared to the last American-made one and here are just a few reasons why.

Monster vs. Monster vs. Monster

More like a 2v1 but this film goes back to what Godzilla is all about, Kaijus fighting one another and destroying the city! Emmerich kind of failed us when he turned Godzilla into a giant preggo mutant lizard searching for a nesting ground. This new film, however, brings back the intense city-crushing battles we are use to with the Japanese films. Remember King Ghidora?

Godzilla’s New Look


While a bit on the chunky side, Godzilla does look more similar to what we imagine when thinking “Gojiraaa!!!”. He fits right in with other Godzilla renditions from every other Godzilla film, leaving Emmerich’s Godzilla (1998) out of place once again. One thing that I was hoping for in Godzilla (2014) – and this isn’t necessarily a rule by any means, but something that appears in some of the older Godzilla films – was some charm and character to the giant monster king… Maybe a dance or two, some humorous taunting etc. While I was looking for this, I cannot really knock on the film for leaving it out because it would have changed the vibe entirely. A post credits scene would have been cool too… Perhaps a King Kong reference?

Two New Kaijus!


Yep, of course… Other Kaijus for Godzilla to fight are almost standard in the films. In Godzilla (2014) his rival Kaijus go by the title M.U.T.O. (Mass Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) and they are awesome… That’s all I am going to say for now and that one of them has wings! Here’s a glimpse of one cocoon, use your imagination.

There you have it, a new Godzilla that looks more like Godzilla; Two new giant monsters, one dirt crawler and one night stalker; Bryan Cranston and that guy from Kick-Ass, but who cares about the humans right?

Overall it was a great film, especially when comparing it to the last American Godzilla attempt. Giant monsters fighting each other and destroying cities is usually a deal maker for me so of course it’s worth seeing and buying when released.

Do we have any Godzilla fans in Delaware?

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The Fault in our Stars Movie Review

On Sunday June 8th I showed up to the movies with a box of tissues ready (at least I thought I was) to see The Fault in our Stars. First things first, I was wrong, so wrong. I was not prepared for this movie.


So for those of you who have read the book you understand the storyline, I even did a book review on it! However for those of you who have not read the book or my review, you should. But I’ll explain the storyline to you anyways.


The Fault in our Stars stars, Shailene Woodley as Hazel Grace Lancaster. Hazel is a seventeen year old teenager struggling with thyroid (which spread to her lungs) cancer. She has one half of working lungs. At a support group, Hazel bumps into Augustus Waters, played by Ansel Elgort. Instantly it is love at first sight. Augustus Waters previously had Osteosarcoma which is leg cancer. It cost him to lost part of one of his leg, and as Augustus Waters like to say, he’s part robot.


Later on in the movie, Hazel’s lungs started to fill up with water. She told Augustus that they had to stay friends because of her condition. In her defense she believes that she could die at any time, and didn’t want to put Augustus in that position.


Soon after, Augustus shared with Hazel that he will spend his Genies wish with Hazel in Amsterdam to meet their favorite author, Peter Van Houten, played by Willem Dafoe, and get answers about the cliffhanger of their favorite book, An Imperial Affliction.


On this trip, Augustus announces his love for Hazel (it was really cute and made me cry like crazy) and Hazel continued to be his friend and nothing more. After meeting their author, things start to go downhill. Not only was their meet and greet a complete failure due to a jerk of an author, but Augustus shared some terrible news with Hazel.


Augustus had several tumor all over his body which started a new chapter of their epic love story.


However the one positive thing that they both got out of this trip was Augustus got out of the friendzone. And their love story grew and grew.


I read the book six times and the movie totally did the book it’s justice. It gave me all of the emotions that the book gave me. No really, I started crying five minutes into the movie and continued to cry the rest of the movie.


This is a must see movie, I’ve already seen it twice and will probably go back a third time. The movie had a spectacular cast and soundtrack. But the best part of this movie was the fact that it followed the book so perfectly. When I saw it the first time, I could quote a lot of the scenes because it was word from word from the book.


The Fault in our Stars is a movie you can see with anyone. Just don’t forget to bring the tissues, you’ll need them.


Movie Review: Oldboy (2013)


I’ve watched yet another remake, this one fielding much more anticipation than Carrie(the last remake I reviewed). This film is titled Oldboy, a revenge story about a man who is imprisoned for 20 years in what appears to be a faux hotel room and then mysteriously freed. Oldboy (2013) is directed by Spike Lee and based off the original Oldboy (2003) South Korean film by Chan-wook Park which is based off the Japanese manga titled Old Boy, written by Garon Tsuchiya. While I am not going to compare this movie with the manga, I will mildly contrast the two films as most people intending to watch Oldboy (2013) are fans of the original Chan-wook Park film.

With that being said, if you’ve viewed the trailer for both movies(which I will include at the bottom) you will notice that their stories are very similar, with varying elements (e.g. the protagonist in Lee’s rendition of the film is imprisoned for 20 years rather than the original 15 years). This modification to the story, along with quite a few more, definitely makes Oldboy (2013) fresh and leaves you guessing as to what will happen next even if you’ve seen the original numerous times. Expect all of the great scenes you remember from Oldboy (2003) to be in this remake as well as some new exciting moments and twists.

I admittingly may like the 2013 remake a tiny bit better than the original, with a few exceptions. The hammerfight scene in Lee’s film was not nearly as entertaining and convincing as the original rendition. However, without spoiling anything, I felt that Oldboy (2013)’s climax was much more satisfying. Both films are awesome, of course, but this review is really about the 2013 remake. Whether you are a fan of the original or not, go watch this film! It is suspenseful, creative, and overall one twisted story that will have you hypnotized from start to finish… and perhaps clenching on a few scenes.

Movie Review: Carrie (2013)

chloe-grace-moretz-as-carrie-white-in-carrieThe film stars Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie White, a shy girl who is alienated from the world by her mother Margaret White, played by Julianne Moore. She finds herself bullied at school and unleashes her telekinetic wrath on the town once she has been pushed to the point of no return.

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