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Aerial Photo Of 470 South Sandusky Street (Former Rev. LeRoy Jenkins Healing Hill Cathedral)

Lima County Auditor launches improved GIS website

City of Delaware: Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meets Tuesday

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ABC6on your side:  Race for the Cure Raises $2 Million

Toledo Blade: Central Ohio: Education comes in the disguise of fun

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Ohio Country Journal:  4-H drama unfolds in the courtroom

Newark Advocate: Lake Erie sediment dumping debate isn’t going away

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610WTVN:  Student debt-laden college grads under 40 have $8,700 median net worth


CNN: ‘War on Boko Haram’: African, Western nations unify in hunt for Nigerian girls


Hannah Kern:  Machine Falls Short to NY Lizards at Home Opener

DelawareO: Delaware Christian’s Morgan Signs with Bethel College

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Huffington Post: Smart Soil: Transforming American Agriculture One Class at a Time (Thanks to Rob Rehm of Redde Hedde farms for the link.)

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Dr. John – Right Place Wrong Time

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Ohio Machine 2014 Home Game Preview

Photo Courtesy of the Ohio Machine.

Photo Courtesy of the Ohio Machine.

            The Ohio Machine Lacrosse team’s first home game at Ohio Wesleyan’s Selby Stadium is just around the corner. The Machine is set for their first home game May 17 at 8pm against the New York Lizards. The Machine is ranked No. 3  in the Major League Lacrosse Power Rankings with a current record of 1-2 (2-12 ranked 7th in 2013)  above the Lizard’s No. 6 ranking with an equal record of 1-2 ( 4-10 ranked 6th in 2013 record). The Machine jumped on the ability to land former Johns Hopkins star and MLL veteran Kyle Harrison on the 2014 roster.

           “There’s no question that our last couple games we’ve had slow starts,” Machine’s Head Coach Bear Davis said. With Lizard attackman Rob Pannell being the fourth scoring leader in the MLL with a record of 12 points during the current season, followed by 9 goals made by Machine midfielder Peter Baum, there’s no telling which direction this game will go. “Maybe the trick is just making sure we come out firing,” Davis said. The Machine’s goalie, Scott Rodgers, who was a huge contributor in the team’s victory against the Hounds, is currently being evaluated as a result of recent injuries. His status at the moment is unknown.

            The Lizards ended their last season on a positive note, defeating the Machine 14-11 behind an 11-point performance from attackman Rob Pannell and midfielder Jojo Marasco. “Going forward, we’ve got to make some decisions,” Davis said. The 2014 Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft has proved to have a successful turnout for the Machine, as eight brand new players were added to the team’s roster. These recent additions bring new assets and are expected to bolster the Machine’s 2014 lineup. “It’s not like we’re the only team that has to go through that,” Davis said.

            This game is definitely sure to bring some competition to the Machine. In regards to the Lizard’s goalie, “Drew Adams is, if not the best goalie, he’s one of the best,” Davis said.

Tom Schreiber, the number 1 overall pick and a Tewaaraton Trophy (awarded to the nation’s top college player) finalist last year, has led the Princeton Tigers in assists for three consecutive seasons and now enters his senior year with 73 career assists total. Schreiber’s ability to transfer the ball across the midline to his fellow attackmen will draw more opportunities for the Machine’s offensive weapons such as Logan Schuss, Steele Stanwick and Marcus Holman. Scott Loy and Spencer Schnell also offer help on the offense, as the two players have combined to score more than 100 goals during their first three college seasons.

Combined with a strong, young variety of players, along with the new additions to the midfield, attack and defense acquired through the MLL Collegiate Draft, the Machine is looking to build a fast-paced, thrilling brand of lacrosse in the 2014 season. Fans, make sure to keep an eye out for the experienced attackmen and a strong midfield to assist defense in transitioning the ball smoothly from defense to offense to create more scoring opportunities. “We’re cheering, we’re having a good time…And I think our fans are ready to be there in full charge and support,” Davis said, “That’s nice to have when you’re getting into game four.”

Make sure to arrive at the game early. At promptly 5pm, Parking Lot A will be open for tailgating. New to the Machine’s 2014 season is the number of food trucks on site for the pre-game tailgates including, Kona Ice, Pulp Juice and Smoothie, and Pickled Swine to help kick start each home game! There’s more excitement to come after the game as well. Once the Machine and Lizards are done battling it out on the field, make sure to stay for the post game fireworks show!

Contact 614-754-1973 or visit for ticketing information. Sideline reserved seats are available for pre-sale for $18 a piece and general admission tickets are priced at $12. Get your Machine on and don’t miss out on this big game!