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On the job training for Delaware's youngest law enforcement professionals.

On the job training for Delaware’s youngest law enforcement professionals. (First Friday DelawareO staff photo)

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Local News

ABC6: Farmers Worried about Regulations after Toledo Water Crisis

This Week News: Parade of Homes moves to Sunbury area in 2015

Ostrander: Summer 2014 Newsletter

Central Ohio News

Marion Star: Boles crowned Miss Marion Popcorn Festival

Tech Columbus: latest updates 

Ohio News  Ohio man charged with u***nating on former Browns owner Art Modell’s grave in Maryland

National News

ABC News: A True Love Story: Couple Married 62 Years Die Together

Huffington Post:  Here Is The Richest Person In Each State


The Guardian: 3D printing: what does it mean for sanitation and shelter?


Delaware online: Canton welcomes new class

Thought/Word for the day

The financial industry is a service industry. It should serve others before it serves itself.  Christine Lagarde  (Head of the IMF)


What Our Writers Wrote

Spenser Hickey: Delaware’s Car Theft Suspect In Custody After Manhunt: Photos From The Scene

Of Interest To Us

Office  Why Having A Fun Company Culture Is Good For Business

Top 10 list!

Listverse: 10 Popular Film Locations You Can Visit In Real Life

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Dancing In the Moonlight

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Thoughts from places: Ostrander

The village of Ostrander is a fairly small community, with a population of approximately 643, according to the 2010 census.  But just because we’re a small community doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have a good time.  A few days ago, I rolled out of bed and drove into the village to watch the annual Independence Day parade.

The parade was headed off by a host of emergency vehicles, as is the custom.

The parade was headed off by a host of emergency vehicles, as is the custom.

The parade itself has been an annual custom of the village for who knows how long.  In the papers from the 1975 Ostrander centennial celebration it’s still referred to as the “annual parade” which would lead one to believe that it had occurred many several years before that in order to be referred to as “annual.”  Given, Independence Day was not a federal holiday until 1938.  It’s possible that it was not established until after that, but at the same time, there seems to be no record of its origins.

People in the parade throw candy down to the children sitting gleefully by the roadside.

People in the parade throw candy down to the children sitting gleefully by the roadside.

It does seem, though, that the parade has not changed much within the past forty years.  The most noteable difference is that at one point in time, a Queen was crowned yearly.  And perhaps the lack of a “Best Beard” competition is also missed.

(News paper clipping courtesy Ostrander and Scioto Township History)

So as I watched the 2014 parade, a tradition long-held by the village of Ostrander, I remembered that Independence Day is a day of beginnings.   Of course, it marks the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed, but as this small community came together to celebrate our entire country, I wondered how and when our community was founded.

The Buckeye Valley alumni band played for the parade, which I enjoyed a lot, being a recent alumnus myself.


As it turns out, Ostrander first became an Ohio community when a railroad was built from Springfield to Delaware and Mansfield in the 1850’s.  It was named for the civil engineer responsible for the tracks’ design, Shelemiah Ostrander, and wasn’t incorporated  until 1875, almost 100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

This vehicle is always a favorite of mine.

This vehicle is always a favorite of mine.

I also found several fun/weird things about Ostrander.  Did you know that there was a small pox epidemic in 1862, and the Presbyterian church didn’t hold service for two months because of it?  And that the same church had originally been located in Fairview Cemetery, until it relocated to the village and changed its name?  Or that on February 25, 1913 there was a train wreck where 22 cars went off the rails?  Or that in 1925 there was a huge fire that wiped out the entire business district and dramatically changed the landscape of the village?

A local martial arts academy parades this stunning dragon down the streets of Ostrander.

A local martial arts academy parades this stunning dragon down the streets of Ostrander.

It’s incredible how this small village could have an interesting history that seems to get overlooked simply because of its size.  But humanity, be it the colonists of the original 13 colonies, or the early settlers of Delaware county and the village of Ostrander, is interesting, three dimensional, and impacts us to this day.  How odd it is that we who live here today are continuing the common thread, the story, that began all those years ago when a railroad was built from Springfield to Delaware and Mansfield.  As I watched the parade in the street, I was reminded how these streets have a story, these people each have individual stories, and how together our lives intertwined create a chapter of the story of Delaware county, and sentence, or a only a word, of that of the world.

This float honored everyday heroes like police and firefighters through a short, cute skit.

This float honored everyday heroes like police and firefighters through a short, cute skit.


The tracks that once created the community have since been removed.  Having said this, the community is just as alive as ever.  It’s beautiful to see people come together and line the streets to celebrate beginnings.  The beginning of our story as a country, as a county, and as a village.  And the beginning of our freedom to pick up our own pen, and add to the story as we may.




Official Ostrander, OH website

Timeline from  “Ostrander and Scioto Township History”

Information on the 1975 Centennial from “Ostrander and Scioto Township History.”




The Delaware Ohio Daily Friday, July 4, 2014

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Happy Independence Day!

Delaware Ohio News, Featured Stories, and Some Miscellany for the Day

Local News

City of Delaware – July 4th Schedule of Activities

Olentangy – Fourth of July Celebration

Ostrander –  4th of July Celebration Greif to Expand Southeastern Packaging Plant

Central Ohio News I-270 Closed Due To Crash Involving Motorcycle

NBC4i: 2014 Community Fireworks Warren Harding love letters to provide insight on U.S. affairs, possible spying

Ohio News

Dayton Daily News:  Where are the danger zones on local highways this weekend?

Yahoo News: Ohio Brewery Launches ‘Spacewalker’ Beer to Honor State’s Astronauts

National News

Boston Map: The average cost for child care by state

CNN: Who is the worst president since WWII ?


CBS News: Overpass in World Cup host city collapses, killing 2, injuring 19


The Ohio Machine: July 4 game info and celebration

Thought for the day  U.S. declares independence

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Apple pie

What Our Writers Wrote

Katie Longtine:  Let’s Cook Spring Rolls!

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Top Tenz: Top 10 Stupidest Marketing Tie-In Products Ever

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John Philip Sousa’s March, “The Stars and Stripes Forever”

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 Amato’s Wood Fired Pizza – 6 S. Sandusky St., Delaware OH (740) 369-8797

Power Outages and Warming Centers Located in Delaware County Ohio. January, 7, 2014.

Delaware County Emergency Management Agency ask that if you are having a life / safety emergency due to the cold or no power that you call 911.

Update 1/7/14 12:10 pm. AEP Ohio shows no power outages for their customers in the Delaware County Ohio geographical area.

The AEP Ohio website as of  Tuesday, January, 7 2013 11:14 am is showing 3225 county residents with out power in the Delaware County geographical area. Tweets and Facebook post from DelawareO readers suggest this is mostly in the Powell, Ohio area.

The City of Powell has advised that a warming station is open at the Liberty Township Fire Dept. Station 321, located at 7761 N. Liberty St., across from the YMCA for residents who are with out heat and power.

The following private and government organizations have informed us they have opened their doors for relief from the cold due to no heat.

Warming Station List:


  • Liberty Township Fire Dept, Station 321 7761 N. Liberty Street
  • Delaware County District Library, 460 S. Liberty Street, Powell, Ohio 614-888-9160

Orange Township:

  • Delaware County District Library, 7171 Gooding Boulevard (Off U.S. 23), Delaware. 740-549-2665.


  • Mingo Park, Off Lincoln Ave in Delaware.
  • Delaware County District Library, 84 E. Winter Street, Delaware. 740-362-3861
  • YMCA Delaware, 1121 S. Houk Road, Delaware. 740-203-3051
  • Saint Peters Episcopal Church, 45 W. Winter Street, Delaware.


  • Delaware County District Library, 75 N. Fourth Street, Ostrander. 740-666-1410.

Other resources of help

Helpline of Delaware and Morrow Counties also has a list of available resources. You can call them toll free at 1-800-684-2324, or dial 2-1-1.

If your organization is opening  their doors to those without power and/or heat in the Delaware County geographical area and would like to be included on this list, email us at Please include your address and other details.

DGHD to go Door to Door Ostrander After Resident Contracts Mosquito-Borne Illness Fogging to Follow

From the Delaware General Health District.

GHD to Conduct Mosquito Fogging in Ostrander Area

Jul 30, 2013

DELAWARE, Oh. – The Delaware General Health District is informing residents in the Ostrander area about the prevention of mosquito-borne disease after a resident was hospitalized with symptoms of La Crosse Encephalitis.

DGHD registered sanitarians along with public health nurses will be going door-to-door July 31 informing those who live in the Ostrander area about the signs and symptoms of mosquito-borne diseases along with ways to prevent mosquito breeding and bites. In addition, crews will be assessing the areas where there is standing water and placing in larvicide if needed.

The Heath District’s Residential Services Unit will also be in the area fogging on Thursday Aug. 1, 2013 weather permitting. A weather backup day is scheduled for Friday Aug. 2, 2013. Fog is sprayed starting around 9 p.m. from marked Health District pickup trucks. Residents should bring children and pets indoors while fogging is being conducted.

Any resident who does not want their property sprayed is asked to call the Health District at 740-368-1700 and request to be placed on the no-fog list.

Updated fogging plans will be announced on and the Health District’s Facebook page.

All residents are urged to protect themselves from mosquito bites. The most effective prevention is to eliminate standing water where mosquitoes can breed. Make sure your property is free of stagnant water in flower pots, bird baths, tarps, gutters and other places where it can collect. Avoid going outdoors in the morning and the evening when mosquitoes are most active. If you do go out, wear light-colored, long-sleeved clothing and apply mosquito repellant that contains DEET or Picaridin.

Link to DGHD

“Evil Dead: The Musical” Review

In a cornfield really?

Just about ten miles west of Delaware’s city center is where you’ll find one of the most entertaining musicals of the summer, Evil Dead: The Musical, performed by the cast of Dark Woods theatre company.

DarkWoodsCornfield But Nicole, aren’t there cornfields about ten miles west of Delaware? Yes, there are, and that’s exactly where you’ll watch the show! Dark Woods’ manager and founder Alan Saunders grew up in Ostrander and has always looked for a way to reconnect his love of theatre to his hometown roots.
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