Powell schedules open house to gather input on new park


The City of Powell is hosting a public open house to gather feedback on the proposed design of the City’s newest park from 7:30-8:30 p.m.Tuesday, June 24 in the Municipal Building Council Chambers, 47 Hall St.

The Park at Seldom Seen is a 23-acre park site along the north side of Seldom Seen Road west of the railroad tracks. This park is proposed to feature an active community sports space with athletic fields and other related amenities.

“We invite the community to participate in the future of this park,” said Jeff Snyder, director of parks and recreation and public service. “This will be the City’s eighth park and we hope to provide a few features and experiences that are not currently offered in our other parks. The top three priorities in this park are athletic fields, walking paths and playgrounds.”

The Park at Seldom Seen is one of the key components in the City’s 10-year capital improvement projects plan. Powell voters passed a 1.8-mill bond levy to fund a portion of the capital improvements needed in the City for the next 10 years during the Nov. 2012 election. The bond levy took effect on Jan. 1, 2014 after an existing 1.8-mill park levy expired.

“Feedback from the community is vital to the vision and success of the Park at Seldom Seen,” said Snyder. “Our goal is to keep the community engaged and informed throughout the entire park development process.”

The final park master plan is anticipated to be reviewed and adopted by Powell City Council later this year. Once the master plan is adopted, the City will proceed with the preliminary engineering for the park. The preliminary engineering will determine the cost estimate to construct the park as well as a phased construction schedule.

Source – Powell Press Release.



Take a Bite Out of Orange Township

Delaware County's Bicentennial Barn on Bale Kenyon Road

Delaware County’s Bicentennial Barn on Bale Kenyon Road

Starting in the 1950s, Orange Township land was coveted by developers and needed by state and federal agencies.  Land was acquired for a Columbus Metro Park, U.S. Rt. 71, Alum Creek Dam, and the Polaris shopping mecca.  Long gone farms, villages and stories of settlers give glimpses of the early days while two hundred years later, residential growth is soaring and parks and services are being developed to keep up with the changes.

The 1914 Archaeological Atlas of Ohio shows  6 mounds and 1 enclosure in Orange Township.  Unlike any other township in Delaware County, two mounds and prehistoric earthworks have been preserved in [Read more…]

Take a Journey through Genoa


Sunset along Red Bank Road

Sunset along Red Bank Road

Delaware County History Abounds in Genoa Township!

Genoa Township has three listings on the National Register of Historic Places, and one is a mysterious archaeological site.  In 1879, Professor John T. Short explored two Indian mounds in Genoa Township.  In the 1880 History of Delaware County, an extensive record of the dig explains where they were and what they found, but today the Spruce Run Earthworks has [Read more…]

Concord Township: Set Sail for Scenic Scioto


Coyote at the Ohio Wildlife Center
Coyote at the Ohio Wildlife Center

Concord Township – Cross Section of America!

Even if you don’t dock your boat at the Leatherlips Yacht Club, you can still cruise down both sides of Concord Township in your stylin’ set of wheels.  Spring is the perfect time for a windows-down, radio-up kind of drive.

The Scioto River cuts right down the middle of Concord Township, flanked by state routes 745 and 257 on either side.  The community of Bellpoint is in the north, Rathbone is in the middle and Shawnee Hills holds strong in the southern part.  The Delaware County part of Dublin is at the southern tip. [Read more…]

Day Trippin’ Around the Delaware State Park

0 Blog6 058Delaware County was originally much bigger, with the northern part including what is now southern Marion and Morrow counties.  For that reason, I’m including Waldo in this article, because everyone needs to know about [Read more…]

Char-Mar On/Off Traol Hike

Explore Char-Mar Ridge Preserve on- and off-trail on Sat., Nov. 16, 3 p.m. (7741 Lewis Center Road).

Ages 7+. The leaves are basically gone, but this park is beautiful in every season!

Galena and the Mudflats: More Than Meets the Eye

0 Gal MF 01Unlike Alum Creek, Hoover Reservoir was not constructed by the Army Corp of Engineers and was a less invasive process.  It was created in the 1950’s by the City of Columbus and holds as much as 20 billion gallons of water.  It dams up the Big Walnut Creek.  Galena, which was established at the point where the Little Walnut Creek meets the big one, now sits at the very northern end of the reservoir.  Here the Hoover nature preserve was established just less than 10 years ago. [Read more…]