Getting to the Root of it in Powell

Loaded Chips at Local Root

Loaded Chips at Local Roots

The Root Of The Matter

Okay, let’s be honest with each other for a moment. As much as we love our home county, sometimes we venture south to Columbus for a night of fun. Maybe you’re going to see the Blue Jackets play at Nationwide Arena, or perhaps you’re about to catch a show at the Palace Theatre. In either case, there’s plenty of time to begin your night out right here in Delaware County.

Local Roots is a fantastic dinner option to begin or cap off your night out. The name, Local Roots, is a play on their concept. The menu is made up of locally sourced produce and meats. According to their website they serve Ohio pork, Amish chicken, Ohio Bison, and produce from their family farm “not far from downtown Powell.” A well-stocked bar is bolstered by a list of beers from around Ohio with 24 beers on tap.

What is it about “Local Roots?”

As great as this sounded to me when I looked them up for the first time, it was the Loaded Chips that called my name. My very first bite confirmed that I was about to have a great night of food ahead of me. “Loaded Chips” start with house made chips smothered by a creamy blend of alfredo, gorgonzola cheese, and bacon. My fiancé Sarah and I absolutely loved this appetizer just about as much as we loved the environment at Local Roots. We came on a Wednesday and were pleasantly surprised to see a lively room.

The bar was packed and many of the seats and booths were filled. The room size was larger than it looked from outside, helped by a generous vault in the ceiling. What impressed me the most about Local Roots was the staff we encountered that night. Each person acknowledged us with a gentle nod and a smile, and one man was even singing a Frank Sinatra tune to himself. It made us feel welcome and ready to have a great meal.

Loaded Baked Potato Soup (Also known as “Perfection”)

Loaded Baked Potato Soup (Also known as “Perfection”)

Let the meal begin

I began with a cup of Loaded Baked Potato Soup, and when I was done with it I immediately realized I made an error in only ordering a cup. It was simply perfect. They nailed the flavor of a full bite of a real loaded baked potato. It was creamy and cheesy, starchy and salty, warm and adorned with just enough bacon to balance it all together. Local Roots has an incredibly balanced mix of entrees. Sarah ordered the Bolognese served over Fresh Ohio Pasta, where I gladly ordered the Arroz con Pollo (Spice Rubbed ½ Chicken and Rice).

Local Roots four


Local Roots five

Arroz Con Pollo

“Chicken and Rice” absolutely does not go deep enough to explain this wonderful Arroz Con Pollo. Sitting atop my plate was fall-off-the-bone tender spice rubbed half chicken. It was moist and full of great flavor, pairing quite nicely with the crumbled Chorizo and Spicy Tomato Sauce. Everything sat an bed of Spanish rice. I’ll be honest, I might have stuffed myself that night, but it was certainly more than worth it. I was pleasantly surprised to see a full Gluten Free menu. This wasn’t just a few entrée options but rather an entire menu to meet your Gluten Free needs. Local Roots also offers a carry out option (great for those on the go), and has a banquet room to host private or restaurant hosted events. Local Roots will defiantly be on my rotation

Bonus Time:

Looking for something different to entertain yourself with? Local Roots also offers an events calendar filled with some pretty great nights. Here are just a few things coming up at Local Roots:

February 24th is Ladies Night “Scotch & Centerpieces” were you will get a little lesson on various scotches.

• March 11th is a “Tuesday Teaching” centered round Blended Scotches touching on the Johnnie Walker family.

March 19th brings us “Dinner In The Dark” featuring a blind menu that you are in the “dark” about. (This one excites me the most)

Local Roots: