Kickstarter: A Local Story

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Did You Know Delaware Was on Kickstarter?

Yeah, neither did I. Until last weekend. Jumped online and found Roy Mayberry’s very cool concept for The Three Bay Haunted Art Gallery.

The Three Bay Haunted Art Gallery, Delaware, Ohio

The Three Bay Haunted Art Gallery was soliciting funds on Kickstarter this week. (photo from

I reached out to him, he got back to me, I was busy with real estate on the weekend, he was doing the family thing. To make a long story short – he got back to me on Monday night. It is now Thursday, the first time I’ve had a chance to sit down and write. And his project funding period ended last night with only $455 of its 1,000 goal.

So Why Are You Still Writing This Story

Simply put … Because It Still Matters.

So what is Kickstarter? It is the latest “fad” to fill the Internet with small businesses, artists, and others proposing a grand idea and then asking for small donations from the average every day “Joe” and “Jane” to get it funded. It started in April 28, 2009 and is located in New York City receiving funding from a 5 percent surcharge added to successful efforts to raise funds. There is no charge to unsuccessful funds.

So What Was Happening in Delaware?

Mayberry and company were planning to open an art gallery – The Three Bay Haunted Art Gallery – which was to be located at 61 Flax Street on the city’s east side.

“We are trying to open this art gallery to make the art scene in Delaware more alive than its current standing,” said Mayberry earlier this week. “This will be the first Art Gallery in the whole-Columbus area that is not only spiritually active but also gives artists access to printers at wholesale prices.”

The organization is affiliated with two printing companies that have agreed to work with artists on pieces at very reasonable costs. Which provides a better means for them to promote themselves.

“Many galleries either turn artists down because they feel they aren’t yet established or because their work isn’t to the gallery standards,” said Mayberry. “We hope for this gallery to be a fun environment: Motivating everyone to create and share more artwork.”

And isn’t that what it’s all about sharing what we love in a fun environment.

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