Biking On The Old Railroad Tracks in Genoa Township Trail

Great Use For Old Train Tracks

Genoa One

Ohio to Erie Trail sign near Plum Road

The thing I love the most about Delaware County is its ability to show me urban excitement and country serenity in just a few short miles. It’s one of the few unspoken secrets about where we live: Delaware Ohio is the perfect mix of everything. Hands down, my favorite way to experience this duality is via the Genoa Township Bike Trail.

Riding the Trail

Entrance to McNamara Park from The Genoa Township Trail

Entrance to McNamara Park from The Genoa Township Trail

Bike trails are seemingly popping up all over the place. Next time you’re on Google Maps, click on Bicycling and watch the map flip over to reveal the bold green spaghetti strings of bike paths all over Central Ohio. Delaware County has several paths, but one of my favorites has to the Genoa Township trail. In six short miles, you and your family can enjoy a healthy day outside on what is a beautiful and relatively easy ride.

Shelter & Field at McNamara Park

Shelter & Field at McNamara Park

Part of what will eventually become the 325 mile Ohio to Erie Trail; The Genoa Township Trail begins in the southeast corner of Delaware County, just north of Westerville. Beginning behind the Home Depot, at the corner of Maxtown Road and State Route 3, the trail follows what was an abandoned rail line northward. The trail is paved, and is usually populated by a mixture of walkers, runners and bikers. Part of the mystique of this trail is the fact that is mostly enclosed by mature trees creating a sense of calm as you glide your way down the path.

Nearly midway through your journey, the path opens up to McNamara Park. This is a great way point, or even starting point depending on where you want to begin. The park has a shelter and a great playground for the kids. Early October is my favorite time to take the trail because the leaves are just starting to turn. McNamara Park is a great place to take a moment to observe these changes.

Going the Extra Mile (for the kids)

Walkway into Millstone Creek Park”

Walkway into Millstone Creek Park”

Brought the kids with you? Start one mile sooner at Millstone Creek Park. The Maxtown-Schrock Trail connects this fantastic park to the Genoa Township Trail, and is a simple flat ride for the whole family. What I like about this park is the interactive nature of the play structures. My four year old loves this park. The playground has a rubberized ground instead of the traditional mulch that many playgrounds have. Designed for all ages, there are many things to climb and jump over. It also features a fun “scavenger hunt” and four xylophones for the musically inclined.

Going the Extra Mile-ish (for the view)

Genoa Five

Xylophones at Millstone Creek Park.

The Genoa Township portion of your journey ends at Plum road, a secluded side road just outside of Galena. Just a few hundred feet east brings you to the newest extension of the Ohio to Erie trail system. Opened in 2010, the aptly named Hoover Scenic Trail passes through the woods to the north end of Hoover Reservoir. There is a gravel parking lot off of Plum road where you can park your car and begin your journey north or south. Though short, this is an amazing little path. The path connects to a side road that brings you to Old 3C Road into the town of Galena, just outside of the Blackhawk Country Club. Take a moment at the bridge over Old 3C Road, or at the North end of Hoover to enjoy a peaceful view.

Bonus time

Hoover Scenic Trail bridge over Old 3C Road

Hoover Scenic Trail bridge over Old 3C Road

Did you forget you helmet (like I did) or any other biking equipment? Lucky for us, there is a Trek store at the beginning of the trail right next to Home Depot. Trek is one of the premier cycling stores in Columbus where you can find nearly anything you would need for your journey.

View from Hoover Scenic Trail bridge

View from Hoover Scenic Trail bridge

Biking makes you have a sweet tooth? Stop by “Just Pies” on Maxtown Road. This is my favorite Pie shop that reminds me of my mom’s favorite pie shop when we lived in Cleveland. You can find pies of nearly any flavor, and all of them are great. Super sweet tooth-ers will love the peanut butter pie.


Just Pies:

Genoa Township Trail:

Ohio to Erie Trail:

Trek Store (Westerville):



  1. Susan Lamphere says:

    Great article!

  2. 1/ Plumb Road not “Plum”
    2/ The name of the road behind Home Depot = Freeman Road where side path parallels.
    3/ Not sure cars are allowed to access for parking at small gravel lot on north side of Plum Road.
    4/ Referenced “Bike Paths” Bike Trails” – not really ;pc. These public corridors are shared-use paths or multi-use trials or Greenways – intended for all non-motorized travelers including pedestrians, skaters, joggers, dog walkers, children in strollers, wheel chairs, etc.
    5/ Love Just Pies – very handy to Hoff Woods Park with several connector trails. Enjoy eating a small one on the spot for quick energy boost.

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