Experiencing Delaware’s newest legend, Son of Thurman


Delaware’s newest restaurant, Son of Thurman, is now open for business! My family and I went last Friday night, their second day open, to try it out.

We have never ventured down to the original Thurman Cafe in German Village, so we weren’t totally sure what to expect from this experience. I had kept track of a few of the improvements via the Son of Thurman facebook page, but it doesn’t compare to the first time you walk into a new renovated space.

If you remember the old NOVA/Generations space, you may be a bit surprised when you walked in. The new atmosphere is cozy and family oriented. Most booths are U-shaped and will hold at least 5, and more than that if you have young kids who don’t mind sitting in the corner. There are a few places to seat larger parties as well. TVs are on the walls, but I didn’t find them horribly distracting or obtrusive like they are in some other restaurants. Enough to glance a see a score during the season, but not so in-your-face that there is no conversation going on at your own table.

First, know to expect a wait. There was a one hour wait when I put our name down at 4:50, and as we were leaving around 7:30, we heard people being quoted at an hour and forty-five minutes! The Original Thurman Cafe is well known for it’s hour-plus waits as well. When the weather is finally nicer, my suggestion would be to put your name on the list and take a walk around downtown Delaware for at least half an hour and then go finish out the wait at SoT.  I’ve heard from others that they will even take down your cell number when you put your name in, so they will call you if you’re out walking and your name comes up earlier than the quoted time.

After being seated, we met our very friendly waitress. She did a great job– even when we had to wait longer than normal for the burgers. Each burger is cooked to order (owner Chris DeVol said each takes at least 20 minutes on the grill!), but as the kitchen staff was settling into a routine, things seemed to take a bit longer than normal. But, let me tell you, the wait was worth it. My burger was easily the best I have ever had.

Son of Thurman half eaten

I totally intended to take a picture of the burger before I started eating. I’m sorry, it was too good to wait.

I ordered the Kansas City Chef’s burger, and my husband ordered the original Thurman. The kiddos got a hot dog and chicken fingers. My husband typically likes his beef cooked rare, and while Son of Thurman’s cooks all their meat to at least medium, she promised to ask for them to keep it on the rare side of medium for him. Even with the meat cooked through well, it was an incredibly juicy burger! Chris told me before that the meat comes from Ohio raised cattle and the mix is processed in Columbus. The veggies on the burger were crisp and delicious. Some burgers come with fries and others come with chips. The fries are fresh cut and homey.

Son of Thurman has a great variety of appetizers, 2 pages of burgers, sandwiches, hot wings, and even a Delaware specialty of pizza rolls. For the vegetarians around, there are a variety of salads, as well as as veggie sub and two meatless specialty pizza thins (or build your own!). Plus, you can make any burger vegetarian by asking to sub your beef patty with a portabello mushroom cap.

Have you tried our newest restaurant yet? We’re excited to try it again sometime soon. I already have my appetizers and next burger picked out!

About Tara Salsman

A native of Alabama, Tara now calls Delaware "Sweet Home." She is a wife, a mother of twins, a calligrapher, and an aspiring everything. Despite an unfortunate haircut in the critical middle school years, she strives to find beauty in every day life.


  1. Was this on Valentine’s Day? Maybe that was part of the reason it was so crowded? Or maybe it’s just because it is new and they have such a reputation for great food!

  2. It was Valentine’s Day, and just their second day open after having built up a lot of anticipation in the community. The Original Thurman has been open for decades and still has hour long waits, though– so it’s just an indication of the food quality, I think! I’m sure the wait times for food to come out will stabilize though. New kitchen and wait staff just take some time to get used to a new place, new menu, and the pace of a restaurant!

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