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Don’t Miss Out On This Musical Extravaganza

Attention all choir junkies! The Delaware Community Choir is well on its way to the opening of its spring 2014 performance “Love is in the Air”This heart melting performance will include Liebeslieder Walzer (Love Song Waltzes) by Johannes Brahms, along with a special feature from Erin Petrella & T.C. Kincer, who will be playing together with four hands on one piano! You don’t want to miss that! The concert is scheduled for Sunday, May 4 at St. Peter’s Church on 45 West Winter Street. There will be two showings, one at 3pm and one at 5. Tickets can be ordered using the forum at and are $10.00 each. Definitely worth the price! Below is a sneak-peek of what can be expected at this upcoming performance including an interview with Director Daniel Hursey and a video of one of the choir rehearsing some of the songs they will be performing. Save the date!

Allow me to introduce to you Director Daniel Hursey in an interview I conducted with him last Monday about the upcoming performance

Q: What is to be expected at this upcoming concert?

Hursey: Since we’ve had such a long, drawn out winter, I trust the music we will be singing at this program will be a delightful segue into spring. The songs are a variety of love songs by Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Johannes Brahms, to name a few.

Q: What type or selection of music does the choir usually sing and why?

Hursey: We are quit an eclectic group which includes a wide range of choral literature which has been written over the ages. Each piece can be educational to the chorister and singing a variety of literature is a good way to educate them

Q:  Who is the choir’s audience? What do you think the audience enjoys most when the choir performs?

Hursey: Our audience is also eclectic. We attempt to reach out to all ages, but I fear it is a mostly maturer age we are reaching. I wish younger folks would give us a chance as I truly know many would love the music we are singing. I think our audience probably enjoys the lighter fair when it comes to repertoire. However, this concert feature a grand piano being played by four hands, an experience some audience members may not have heard. I believe they also enjoy when we include chamber orchestra as we have with Mozart and Haydn selections or quest soloists/organists.

Q: Does the choir participate in other events or activities together other than singing?

Hursey: We do like a good party. Usually after a concert we have a get together to watch the video of it. These are often potluck affairs. In the fall we host a patron/donor dinner which is held in my home. It is our way of thanking them for their support.

Q: What are some of the most critical choices/decisions you have to make as a director when it comes to preparing for a concert?

Hursey: I have three criteria which I follow. One is I must like the music we sing or it would be no fun to teach it. Secondly, I try to select literature which ost of the choristers will enjoy and something which will aid them in growing more musical. Thirdly, I want the audience to enjoy the selections and this is one reason our literature is so varied.

Q: Where are some of the places the choir has performed at?

Hursey: Our two main concerts, December and May, are sung at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. However, we have performed at both Willowbrook South and at Delaware Run. We have gone to Sarah Moore Home, the Council for Older Adults, Friendship Village, Columbus, Grady Hospital for their annual tree lighting event as well as caroling during December First Friday in downtown Delaware, the annual Handbell Concert in November, and recently the Ecumenical service on Good Friday at St. Mary’s.

Q: How did the Delaware Community Choir come about? Who started it and why?

Hursey: Since I have only been with the group for five years, this is a difficult answer. The chorus was formed in 1969. I believe, until recently, the rehearsals took place at Sanborn Hall on the OWU campus. We now rehearse, perform, and have our music library at St. Peters.

Q: Tell me about some of the members of the choir, how do they differ from each other? What types of backgrounds do they come from?

Hursey: We have business women and men, moms, lawyers, doctors, and teachers to name a few. Sometimes I wonder why it all works, but it most assuredly does and it comes out in their deep love and joy of singing.

Q: Why do you enjoy being director? What is your experience with music?

Hursey: I love singing and choral music and sharing the beauty of both. I have probably worked with choirs for nearly 50 years, but this group is definitely one of the best. They are just tops to me. My background is teaching at the elementary level for 30 years. During that time, I was a chorister in various organizations , plus, always had a church position as an organist. Probably my two biggest thrills were playing a half organ recital at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in New York City and taking my children’s choir to sing during the lunch hour at Trinity Church, Wall Street, again in New York.

Q: And lastly, what are your hopes for the choir in the future? Where do you see it going and how do you plan on getting there?

Hursey: My hoe is we can continue to grow as a choral organization and that we will begin attracting younger voices to our organization. Otherwise, it will eventually be a thing of the past. I have always enjoyed doing outreach in a community which includes singing for various organizations both gratis and for a fee. My dream is to take the entire group to either Connecticut or Switzerland. We have been invited to both locations. Money and time is always the drawback, but the Universe works in mysterious ways, and I know it will eventually occur.

If you’re not falling in love with this local choir already, you will after watching the video below. Sit back and enjoy! But don’t miss the performance!

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