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Don’t be Afraid to try something new!

DSCF4410Seems like over the last few weeks, I have been asked a lot how I have become such a proficient fishermen.  I will now try to answer this question …so here we go! First and foremost I never really consider myself as proficient at fishing as everyone around me does. There is always something new to learn that will make you a better fisher-person! When you quit learning new ways to fish, and new techniques to try you are only hurting your possibilities of catching fish. When I first moved back to Ohio from Florida – boy I felt lost. When it came to fishing in Florida it was so easy throw some cut bait out and wait on a bite. What I figured out in fresh water was I needed to be well versed in different ways to fish, and not afraid to try new methods of fishing.
The first season fishing in fresh water was a very disappointing for me. I was trying to fish like I was still in Florida fishing in the ocean. While cut bait does work in fresh water it is not near as effective as it is in saltwater on regular basis. After my first season being pretty much a bust, I starting thinking about what I was doing wrong and what I could do different so I would catch more fish. Well my answer came from my wife Jessie – she has fished fresh water since she was kid. Lighter gear and a variety of baits my fresh water fishing was changed forever that day!
My first step in more success in fresh water was putting down my big fishing poles and picking up an ultralight pole. This move alone helped me catch more fish. The lighter gear allows you to throw smaller baits, and also means that even the smaller catches are fun. After starting to fish with the ultralight pole I started dedicating my fishing seasons to learning how to fish one particular style of bait. By doing this I forced myself to learn how to fish artificial baits. One year I fished with nothing but spinner baits, the next year crank baits, then started fishing soft plastics. Dedicating almost an entire season to learning how to fish with new styles of baits can be frustrating, but the rewards are worth it. I’m always looking to increase my fishing knowledge but by far the soundest advice I can anyone in fishing is you don’t know if you don’t try! So get out there and wet a line take a friend or two with you relax and have fun! Always remember that someone was the first person to try something new that worked that person may as well be you! TIGHT LINES!!

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