From Factory to Fine Arts: 106 years of Edgar Hall

Postcard from, about 1912

Postcard from, about 1912

The Edgar Hall building which currently houses part of Ohio Wesleyan University’s Fine Arts department sits on the border of two historic districts in Delaware.  As part of the Sandusky Street Historic District, it was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.  The Ohio Wesleyan buildings were [Read more…]

Russian Space Geko’s Die In Space Sex Study.

The Russians sent some lizards and bugs in to space to study “zero g” mating habits, and they all come back dead.

NBC News Reports “Russia’s troubled experiment to study how geckos, fruit flies and other organisms reproduce in weightlessness ended with a huge downer: When the Foton M-4 satellite containing the creatures returned to Earth on Monday and the hatch was opened, researchers found that all five geckos had died.”

No word yet on future studies.

Click the following link to read more at NBC News: Sad News for Zero-G Sex Study: The Geckos Are Dead