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Delaware’s People In Need Calls For Volunteers

PIN2016 Produce Market Volunteer

Produce Market Basics:

Produce Markets are designed to provide fresh food to individuals and families in need. The Mid-Ohio Food Bank supplies all of the produce distributed at the Market and most of what is offered is fruits and vegetables but may also include bread and dairy items. Each Market can serve up to 300 families and eligibility is set at 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. After each event is completed, any remaining produce is distributed to PIN food pantry clients and other MOFB Partner Agencies as needed.

In addition to PIN staff, each Market event needs approximately 10-15 volunteers to assist with this important project.


The 2016 events are scheduled on the last Wednesday of the month, March through November.


PIN facility at 138 Johnson Drive, Delaware.

Distribution Times:

2:30 to 4:30 PM

Volunteer Basics:

Recruited volunteers should arrive at least 30 minutes prior the market start time. We are asking for volunteers to show up between 1:30 and 2:00 PM and stay until the Market is closed at 4:30 PM.

Parking at the PIN facility is limited. Volunteers are to park in the Office City Parking lot across the street from PIN. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.

The Markets are outside events and are held rain or shine, hot or cold; so please come prepared!

Volunteer jobs include: market set up, client sign in, assist clients to collect produce and move through the line, traffic control, and, clean up

How do I sign up? to volunteer call Randy Bournique at (740) 363-6284 or

send an e-mail to


Source: People In Need Press Release

Civil War Institute Director To Speak October 22, At Ohio Wesleyan

Civil War Expert to Discuss ‘The Final Battles of the 1865 and the Ongoing Civil War’


  DELAWARE, Ohio – As part of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, Ohio Wesleyan University will host Peter S. Carmichael, Ph.D., director of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College, discussing [Read more…]

Council approves step to expanded Delaware Place


OWU Associate Chaplain Lisa Ho provides the invocation at this week's council meeting.

OWU Associate Chaplain Lisa Ho provides the invocation at this week’s council meeting.

Delaware’s city council gave unanimous rezoning and plan approval to the second and third phases of Delaware Place, which will provide affordable housing to elderly residents.

Their phase one has been successful, said Planning and Community Development Director David Efland. Phase one involved a four-story building and surrounding duplexes, with 63 units total.

Phases two and three will introduce 44 units in a three-story building, and a two-story building with a mix of 11 units and commercial space.

“These are personally exciting to me, being that I worked on Delaware Place for quite some time, as has Joe DiGenova and many of the rest of you, hopefully this is as exciting to you,” Efland said in introducing the project.

“I’ve done a good amount of research here, it’s a great opportunity to provide some much needed affordable senior housing in the community,” said applicant Denise Blake, Midwest regional developer with the Miller-Valentine Group.

Developer Denise Blake describes her plan for Delaware Place.

Developer Denise Blake describes her plan for Delaware Place.

Mayor Carolyn Kay Riggle said she’d toured the site with Councilman Joe DiGenova and State Rep. Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) and that the new areas were almost full even though construction hasn’t begun.



To start phases two and three, the planners will have to receive approval from the Ohio Housing Finance Agency. Blake said their application deadline is February 20, and they’ll receive a response by June 17 at the latest.

She expects a groundbreaking in the first quarter of 2016, once the weather is good enough.

Council also approved rezoning for Shear Style Barber Shop and Union Electric, and a final development plan for Engineering Materials Systems.

In Council comments, Second Ward Councilman Lisa Keller discussed increasing community outreach through social media, which Mayor Riggle supported.

Efland and City Manager Tom Homan also discussed physical branding efforts for the city, including new signs and business cards, which were planned with the help of Community Affairs Coordinator Lee Yoakum.

In closing, Mayor Riggle reminded the audience that February is Black History Month, and that there will be a Valentine’s Day marriage/renewal of vows ceremony.


Adventures in Facepainting

This past week, Delaware Grace Brethren Church hosted its annual Fall JAMfest in the church’s backyard.  The event features inflatables for kids to play on, free food (yum!), cookie decorating, Trunk or treat, and face painting.

I’ve volunteered as a face painter at Fall JAMfest for several years now, and I’ve got quite a few fond memories from the event.  A few years ago, I sat at the face painting table chatting with the other young lady who was volunteering, and a couple bald gentlemen approached us.  They asked if we could paint spiders on their heads, and so we did.  I have to say, it was probably one of the strangest things I’ve ever done, but it sure was hilarious.  The best thing was to watch the guys run away laughing at each other, and showing their friends and kids the spiders painted on their heads.  Another time, a young boy dressed as a baseball player asked me to paint a bat on his cheek.  I thought he meant a baseball bat.  It wasn’t until the following morning that it hit me that he probably meant the creature that sleeps upside down and lives in caves.

With these experiences in mind, I drove out to the church with my little sister (AKA Batman) in tow.  Then I sat down at the face painting table for a good three hours.  Kids are funny.  Most of them will sit down across from me and stare at me, without a single inkling of an idea of what they want on their face.  I then have to search my mind for ideas, which usually end up being something along the lines of, “Butterfly, heart, pumpkin, bat, spider…” Eventually I trail off, and hope that was good enough.  It’s great when the kids know what they want, though.  One cute little red head plopped down and announced, “I want a kitty nose and whiskers, and then one butterfly on each cheek.”  Probably one of the more interesting ones I got was, “Give me a blue mustache and goatee.”  I also enjoyed joking with one of the pastors that the Steeler’s logo on his cheek would definitely look better with glitter.  Because everything is better with glitter.  You want a butterfly? Glitter.  Spider?  Glitter.  Cat? Of course you need some glitter!

As I painted a snowflake on a small Elsa’s face, I heart her parent remark, “These people must be so patient.  I could never do this.”  Which got me to thinking about it.  Like I said, I’ve done face painting for JAMfest for about five years now, and it never seemed like something that was very difficult.  Sure, I’ve butchered several butterflies and Batman symbols, and I’ve tried to paint ponies when I just can’t.  When I thought about it, the hardest thing wasn’t the art itself.  You don’t need a lot of artistic talent to paint a pumpkin or a butterfly on a kid’s face.  The hardest thing is having a steady hand, and the patience to go slowly because the child’s a moving, living, breathing canvas.  But I feel like it’s something anyone could do.  How much you enjoyed it would be another question.  I can easily understand how the time could drag by for some.  For me, those three hours always fly by, and it’s six pm before I know it. It’s a rewarding thing to do.  When I’m done painting a child’s face so he looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and he’s so excited, it’s worth it.

By five thirty, all the kids were lining up for Trunk or Treat, and it was time for us to clean up the face painting table.  Glancing over at the lines of kids, I couldn’t help but notice how adorable they were, all lined up and excited to get some candy.  There’s just something joyous and young in the atmosphere.  Everything’s all right, the world is full of wonder, and hope.  Through  the eyes of a child the world is a wondrous and fantastic place.

DGBC hosts JAMfest every October, and I speak from experience when I say it’s a great free and fun event to go to.  Definitely check it out next year!

Ghost Towns in Delaware County

The Forgotten Places of Delaware, Ohio…


Have you seen this Ghost Town?

Have you seen this Ghost Town?

According to author and researcher Rick Helwig, there are approximately 8,000 to 9,000 ghost towns in Ohio.  Helwig, the director of the Center for Ghost Town Research in Ohio, spoke to a large crowd during a program put on by the Delaware County Historical Society at the First Presbyterian Church.

Helwig runs the center from his home [Read more…]

Delaware, Ohio Daily – Tuesday October 28, 2014


Delaware, Ohio Local News, Obituaries, and some fun and interesting stuff too

Local News

Power Outages Still Plague Some Delaware Residents

Spenser Hickey: Small fire causes OWU building evacuation

Columbus Dispatch: Kasich: $1.1 billon Amazon project coming to central Ohio

Bryan Times: Delaware County One Of Many in Ohio Using Private Collection Agency To Collect Delinquent Taxes

Central Ohio News

Marion Star: Witnesses say boys brought shovel, gun to fight

Sunny 95: Suspected rapist from Mass., Gregory Lewis, reported in Columbus Sunday afternoon and evening

WBNS 10tv: Cleveland Avenue Shut Down In North Columbus As Bomb Squad Responds To Home Depot

Ohio News

WXIX Fox 19: Cincinnati City Council will vote this week on marijuana ordinance

WEWS ABC5: VIDEO: Dash cam captures truck crashing into Westlake bar Dover Gardens Tavern.

National / International News

Yahoo News: Lava flow from Hawaii volcano just 100 yards from nearest residence

NY POST: Records show the Army spent $5 billion on a troubled intelligence network

Interesting / Weird / Odd News

WSYX ABC6: Crowds at nearby restaurants didn’t stop a flasher from targeting women inside a salon.

WZZM 13: Man dressed as zombie gets hit by car

Washington Post: Chocolate found improve memory


610 WTVN: Running Back Rod Smith Dismissed From Buckeyes



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Delaware City Council nears JEDD deal with Berkshire on mall and other Council news

Kevin Jennings, director of development for Tanger Outlets, speaks to the City Council.

Kevin Jennings, director of development for Tanger Outlets, speaks to the City Council.

City of Delaware, Berkshire Township and Tanger / Simon Work On Economic Of Building.

The city of Delaware neared final approval of months-long discussions to establish, with Berkshire Township, a Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) as part of the creation of a Tanger/Simon outlet mall off Rt. 36/37 and by I-71.

Sunbury Village, which originally requested Delaware join the JEDD with them, backed out of the negotiations with little explanation provided to Delaware or Berkshire officials.

Related: “Council Approves Liberty Casting Expansion, JEDD Negotiation and More.”

Kevin Jennings, Director of Development for Tanger Outlets, came to the Council meeting from North Carolina, where the company’s central office is located.

He said that if progress is made soon, the groundbreaking could be in the spring of next year, with a construction period of 12-13 months. They project the outlet to provide $131 million in annual sales, and have over 70 percent of the interior space filled with committed vendor companies already.

Fourth Ward councilman Andrew Brush said he’d been told the outlet would create 525 local jobs and $100,000 to $128,000 in revenue for the city.

Creating the mall will require significant traffic improvements – Jennings said they’d conducted a traffic study that put the cost at around $33 million, but are prepared to provide $16 million.

Second Ward councilwoman Lisa Keller noted that there’s already traffic issues, and that it’s not Tanger/Simon’s responsibility to fix them but this could help.


Berkshire Trustee Chairman Bill Holtry and Administrator Jeff George were at the meeting as well; Holtry said he hoped this could lead to further development and potentially additional JEDDs.

Public hearings on the mall will be held by both Delaware city and Berkshire Township on Monday, Oct. 27.

Fire Department Chief John Donahue describes the need for three new ambulances.

Fire Department Chief John Donahue describes the need for three new ambulances.

Other topics of discussion included a request from the Delaware Fire Department for three paramedic ambulances, to upgrade and standardize their existing fleet, and supplemental funds to repair damage to the city airport’s maintenance hangar roof; both were approved.

During the section for public comment, resident Traci Cromwell took time to inform Council of the actions of two local police officers, Rita Mendel and Adam Graham.

Mendel – who plans to retire next year – is involved in Safety Town and the Citizen’s Police Academy, as well as regular patrol duty, Cromwell said. Several years ago, Cromwell and Mendel were volunteering together at the Delaware Arts Festival, and she saw Mendel be approached by a number of local teenagers.

Many remembered Mendel from their time at Safety Town, while another reported to Mendel that she had recently been sexually assaulted. Cromwell was struck by this, and Mendel’s work in helping a developmentally disabled resident find guardianship and day care services that allow her to thrive.

Cromwell describes how Officer Graham responded to a dangerous situation.

Cromwell describes how Officer Graham responded to a dangerous situation.

Cromwell also discussed a recent case involving Officer Adam Graham, a third shift officer who responded to a man with a gun by his side. Graham drew his own weapon but did not fire, ordering the man to drop his weapon. He finally did, and after Graham apprehended the suspect it was determined that the gun was a toy and the man was trying to commit suicide by getting Graham to shoot him.

“The city of Delaware, Ohio can be proud at the training and clear headed thinking of our officers,” Cromwell said. “This incident could have ended in the loss of a life.”

Cromwell’s comments come amid ongoing protests within Ohio over the death of John Crawford III, who was killed by police in Beavercreek while holding an unpackaged toy rifle in a Walmart store. A grand jury declined to indict the officers involved.

Linda Mathews of the Parks and Rec. Board receives a proclamation from Mayor Riggle.

Linda Mathews of the Parks and Rec. Board receives a proclamation from Mayor Riggle.

On an entirely positive note, Mayor Carolyn Kay Riggle also took time to honor Linda Mathews with a city proclamation for her service on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board; Dave Berwanger and Chris Fink also received proclamations but could not attend.


Delaware Daily, Thursday October 9, 2014.

Delaware Daily, Tuesday October 7, 2014

Delaware Daily, Monday October 6, 2014


Delaware Ohio Local News, Obituaries, and some fun and interesting stuff too

Local News

Central Ohio News

WBNS 10tv: Parents Of Reynoldsburg Students To File Class Action Lawsuit Amid Teacher Strike

Ohio News

WFIN: Findlay Man Arrested Following Car Chase

National News

Washington Post: How librarians became one of the loudest voices in the government surveillance debate

Reuters Two injured as freight train derails in north Louisiana

Courier journal: Witness describes fall from Commonwealth Stadium upper deck

International News

The IndependentFemale Kurdish fighter kills herself while capturing town, killing 27 Isis militants 


WEWS ABC 5: Johnny Chuckles’? Rookie QB Manziel caught laughing it up with Browns down by 25 points

Cincinnati Enquirer: Devon Still moved to tears by Patriots tribute to his daughter Leah

Interesting / Weird / Odd News

The Daily Caller: Teacher’s Plastic Sword On ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’ Caused FOUR-SCHOOL LOCKDOWN

Columbus Business FirstBest Places to Work! 



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