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Glacial boulder in downtown Sunbury
Glacial boulder in the Sunbury Square

Berkshire Township is home to some big rocks.

To be more precise, two of Ohio’s largest glacial erratics are located in or near Sunbury.  One is in the town square, supporting the statue of General William Starke Rosecrans.  The other is located three miles east of Sunbury on private property – all 200 tons are right where the glaciers left it over 10,000 years ago.

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Village of Sunbury Outdoor Warning Siren


The Village of Sunbury’s new outdoor warning siren is fully operational. Siren

testing dates will change to the first Saturday of each month at noon and will be set-off through

Delaware County Emergency Communications. The siren is located at BST&G Fire Department at

350 W. Cherry Street in Sunbury.


An outdoor warning siren is primarily used to alert those citizens involved in outside activities of

severe weather events, hazardous material spills, or acts of terrorism. The systems are not intended to

provide an audible alert for persons indoors. The purpose is to encourage those that hear the sirens to

take action by immediately seeking shelter in a sturdy structure, and turning on a NOAA All-Hazards

Radio, or local news or radio channel.


Questions may be directed to Sunbury Village Administrator Dave Martin at (740) 965-2684.

For indoor notifications and warnings, we suggest residents sign up for CodeRed. This is a free

notification system that allows residents to choose which alerts they would like to receive. Delaware

County residents may sign-up for CodeRed on the Delaware County website at and click on the CodeRed link.


Source: Delaware County Emergency Management Association news release