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Delaware Fishing Report: As the Temps Cool Down, Fishing in the Olentangy Heats Up!

image I am back for a quick update on the fishing right here in downtown Delaware, Ohio!  As we all know the OlentangyRiver runs right through Delaware, and every fall the fishing in the Olentangy always heats up as the temperatures cool down. The last few days have been really good fishing in the river, and the river is low enough right now that it is very easy to wade from spot to spot. 

image While a lot of people overlook shallow water when the river is down, this can be the worst mistake a fisherman, or a fisher-lady for that matter can make! While some of the fish that have been caught by my family in past few days have indeed been in some deeper pools of water, most fish have come from water that was less than two feet deep! The fish that were caught from the shallow water even include a Fish Ohio Saugeye that measured in at 26 inches. Surprisingly, the fish was caught right behind the water treatment plant at sunset! The Smallmouth Bass and Rock Bass have been hitting hard too. Here are some links to some video’s from the last couple days. 

Video #1

 Video #2



Tackle box not needed.

Now for an insider secret that will help you catch more fish. It has been completely unnecessary to take my whole tackle box to the river over the last few days. All that we needed is a few spinner baits, (both inline, and offset spinner baits have been very productive). We have been working all these baits fairly fast. Color hasn’t been much of an issue they have been hitting just about all colors.

Keep those lines tight and head to the Olentangy right in our back yard and catch yourself a MONSTER fish!

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