Son Of Thurman Bringing Recipe for Success to Downtown Delaware

image This past week, I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Chris DeVol, Delaware’s newest business owner, to discuss his plans for the restaurant space at 5 North Sandusky Street (formerly the home of Nova and Generations). All of Delaware should be excited to hear that Chris’s family restaurant, Thurman’s Cafe of German Village, will be expanding and bringing Son of Thurman to our downtown!

Son of Thurman is set to open February 2014, and in that time between now and then will undergo a complete transformation, as Chris said “erasing every reminder” of the past restaurants . The space will be renovated to be more like the original Thurman’s, and the menu will carry over as well. One of Chris’s main concerns is consistency. This new venture is going to be “the genuine Thurman experience,” where food is key. Kitchen staff for the new store will be integrated and trained with those from the original cafe. But this doesn’t mean there won’t be flexibility to add Delaware favorites and even customer suggestions.. For our local vegetarians, Chris says that he recognizes the need to include vegetarian options and he is making plans to add healthier options as well.


Chris has spent ten years waiting to open the Thurman extension, and after taking 2 years to find the perfect location, he’s excited to have found a place in Delaware. Chris and and his family currently live in Sunbury, but as a child, he lived on Union Street, and later spent three years in the Dornoch Development near the golf course. He says that Delaware is in the midst of a revitalization and he feels as though he is “skating to where the puck is going to be.” He’s looking for Son of Thurman to be an anchor in this renewal and he’s in it for the long haul. Chris and his family are ready to be here and to interact with the community–genuinely making friendships and establishing relationships with other businesses in the area. He has previously met Brian Harpster of Barley Hopsters, Son of Thurman’s soon-to-be next door neighbor, at their kids’ sports practices. And while the restaurant will likely have a standard bar set up, he’s looking forward to collaborating with Hopster’s in the future. He’s noticed how the people of Delaware, including city officials, really seem to care about the businesses downtown.

Something else great I learned about the Thurman brand is that their beef is all sourced in Ohio. They have a butcher who grinds their special blend of meat daily. Chris is also planning to use local organic produce whenever it’s available, from a friend’s farm in Morrow County.

Son of Thurman will be looking to hire 18-22 managerial, kitchen and wait staff. “We’re looking to hire nice people,” says Chris. He hopes to have his core managerial team in place by the mid-December, and the rest of the staff ready to go by the first of January.

So welcome to Delaware, Thurman’s! We’re excited to try your food, see you around town! Be sure to check out Son of Thurman on facebook! (facebook address to link to is:

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  1. Amy Bumpus says:

    I can hardly wait to try it out!

  2. After this opens, forget about EVER finding parking downtown again. As much as this is a good thing, its going to be everyone’s nightmare if they cant park and may harm the other businesses if their customers can not park.

  3. I’ll stick with the “Hangover Burger” at the Hamburger Inn across the street.

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