Fishing off the Beaten Path Pays Big!

I am often asked what is the key to all of my success in fishing…to be honest that can’t really be answered with one blanket statement. I put a lot of time in to my fishing. The biggest element to success in fishing is to have your line in the water. If you’re not wetting a line you can’t catch anything! One of the other big hurdles to overcome is finding spots to fish. If you are willing to fish off the beaten path and put some work in there are many spots right here in Delaware that can pay off with trophies.

One of my favorite tools to use when looking for new waters to fish is Google earth. I use it all the time when I am planning a trip to fish around Delaware lake in the all the ponds that surround the lake. There are close to 60 of them. This kind of fishing is not for the faint at heart because it often requires hiking in with all your gear, through overgrown brush, and being put in many less than ideal situations. But the rewards can be so worth it, as one of my close friends, Josh found out early this spring during turkey season.

Josh was supposed to be turkey hunting.

Josh was supposed to be turkey hunting

A close friend of mine was talking about turkey hunting at the Delaware Wildlife Area this spring, and,  of course I turned the tables to talking about fishing in the same area. I asked him if he had been seeing any turkeys, and all he had to say was no. I told him the next time he went out he needed to take his fly rod with him, and stop at one of the ponds in the wildlife area… he said he would think about it. Well a couple days went by then one morning my phone started going off repeatedly, when I picked it up to my delight he had taken his fishing pole turkey hunting, and was slaying beautiful largemouth bass all morning long. Fish off the beaten path, fish where no one else wants to and you will be rewarded.Delaware Wildlife Area
The Delaware Wildlife Area is not the only place that has fishing off the beaten path. Hoover and Alum Creek both have spots that receive very little fishing pressure – even on the main lakes. Google Earth coupled with maps of the lake have proven to me to be great tools to help you find less pressured spots that are holding that trophy you have been looking for!Another one off the beaten path!

Many people like to go to AEP recreation lands to fish for trophy bass. Well folks I’m here to tell you do your research, and fish right in your own back yard. We have monsters to be caught right here in Delaware, and a good hike through the Delaware Wildlife Area will prove to be very productive if you are willing to put the time in! Please remember to practice C.P.R. catch, photograph, and release on all our Ohio trophies so they can be caught for many generations to come!

Had to take a hike, but it worth it!

Had to take a hike, but it was worth it!


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