Let’s Get Kids Outdoors With Passport To Fishing


I had the pleasure of being able to attend the Passport to Fishing seminar held by the Ohio Division of Wildlife on October 17, 2013. Just as my profile states I love to get children started in the sport of fishing. The seminar that I attended has provided me with all the necessary tools to do just that. I really could not be more excited than I am right now.

While I will probably not be able to hold my first clinic for the kids until this coming spring, you better believe I will be working on getting the stations ready working out the logistics, and location all winter long!

The Passport to Fishing program is a four station program used to teach children about the basics of fishing, and how to be a good steward of our environment.
100_2691The first of the four stations in the program is fish habitat and handling.

While the children are at this station they will  learn about fish habitat, watershed, how to properly handle, and release fish. The children will also learn about causes of water pollution, and what can be done to help prevent pollution.

The second station in the program is knots and rigging. In this section of the program the children are taught to tie knots, and set up a simple bobber set up to fish live worms. They are also taught to identify different baits, and lures.100_2689

The third station is casting. While at the casting station the children will learn about the importance of safety while casting, and will learn how to cast a push button spin cast reel. The children will have targets set up in casting lanes to aim at, and chairs can even be used to simulate casting from a boat.

The last station in the program is local information. At this station the children are learning about our local regulations, and why they are important. They also learn where they can fish around our local area, and how to identify the fish that they will catch in our local waters.

I am so excited that I am now certified to hold these clinics for our local youth.

I am going to wait until spring to hold the first clinic more because the children need enjoy the experience, and not be shivering cold while that program is being held.

I haven’t been able to find any events like this being held for our children in our local area so I am very happy that I will be the one to get this started. Hopefully this program will get some of our children up, and outside to enjoy all the beautiful waters that Delaware has to offer.


  1. I am Jasons’ mother and maybe a little prejudice, but I am very proud of what he is doing to give back to the community. I hope the people of Delaware recognize the value of the program, getting kids out of the house and away from the games… they can learn so much and families can bond like they never have before when it is just them and nature. Keep this in mind and watch for it in the spring, you won’t be sorry.


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