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Delaware: Never A Camera-Shy City Part 1

This is the beginning of my new series which I have titled Delaware: Never A Camera-Shy City. This series will include interviews with local Delaware photographers, snapshots taken in Delaware, and much more to come. As part of my Part 1 article, I had the pleasure of interviewing Delaware photographer Megan Edwards.

A photo of Megan Edward's daughter.

Megan Edwards Photography sample: A photo of Megan’s daughter.

Meet Megan Edwards, a Delaware stay-at-home married mother of three little girls. After starting out as a newspaper reporter, this ambitious, dedicated photographer has become a big hit with Delaware families and residents.
“While I loved the paper and pen, I always loved the opportunity to take the newspaper camera out on assignment and try my hand at creative shots,” said Edwards, “I received my first DSLR camera from my husband five or so years ago, and stayed up late every night reading and watching tutorials and practicing.” After having her third child in 2012, Edwards quit her job to stay at home and spent her time not only caring for her children, but also building up her photography business. “It’s been an amazing journey!,” Edwards said.

Edwards and her family relocated to Columbus in 2007 due to her husband’s job, from Ashland, Ohio. “We liked the city, but wanted to move to a smaller town with a feel like Ashland, Ohio.” Thus, the Edwards family came to Delaware in 2009. “The best part of Delaware is the fact that is has a wonderful emphasis on the arts and small businesses,” said Edwards, “We rarely leave Delaware for anything because this little town has it all!”
Edwards values the quality of Delaware as a city and community when it comes to photography. “It has both rural elements and urban elements,” said Edwards, “I love taking clients through downtown and help showcase our wonderful little city.”

Those who are very family oriented are in for a treat when it comes to this photographers services! “Right now I offer a little bit of everything,” Edwards said. Packages include: birth, newborns, child and family, maternity, engagements, wedding and high school seniors. “I love people, and love all sorts of photography in general,” Edwards said.

Edwards is very inspired by her children when it comes to her photography. “Children in general inspire me,” shared Edwards, “Having a child in front of my lens, allowing them to just be themselves, be free and be a kid, is so inspiring and makes me want to give as many kids that chance as possible.” Edwards’s two favorite photographers are Carolyn Hampton and Annie Leibovitz. Other favorites include Laura Winslow and Jennifer Tonnetti-Spellman.
Photography seems to be more than just a casual hobby when it comes to Edwards’s perspective. “I absolutely love being able to capture the little moments that we otherwise take for granted,” said Edwards, “I love the emotion photos can evoke; how children’s eyes seem to sparkle when they know they can ham it up a little bit.” Edwards also shared that she loves challenges “including finding light, finding angles, and making the most out of any location I’m given.”

For anyone who is a wanna-be/inspired photographer, Mrs. Edwards has some great advice for you. “Be yourself”, said Edwards, “Don’t get wrapped up in studios and props and floors and headbands and the best lenses and most expensive equipment out there. A beautiful photo is more than just the ‘stuff’.” Like any other skill,  photographery takes a lot of effort, research, and most importantly, time. “Take the necessary steps to know the basics of taking a good photo,” said Edward, “Above all, don’t rush. Be patient. It has taken me five years to define my style and I’m STILL working on that.”

There’s so much to realize and know when it comes to taking a remarkable photo. “To take a great photo, one must know ISO, aperture, shutter speed and exposure, and how they all work together,” Edwards said. “Creatively speaking, a perfect photo is one that evokes emotion and captures the very essence of the moment.”
Edwards has put together a best of 2013 photo album on her website to showcase some of her best memories with photography. “If I HAD to choose [a favorite photo], though, it would be of my sweet baby, who went through a phase of making a monkey face at everything,” Edwards said.      This photo has won a contest with a popular photo canvas printing    company as a judge’s favorite.

Photography isn’t easy, and although it can be rewarding and fun, professionals face many challenges. “Several times a year, I need to kickstart my creativity with a special project or technique because I get into a creative slump,” said Edwards, “Photographers also run into challenges of over saturation of the market and encouraging clients how important it is to have professional photos taken on a regular basis.” Like any professional photographer’s legacy, “Professional photos are an investment and are worth it, especially when you can pass wonderful memories on to future generations,” Edwards claimed.
Outside of being a photography, Edwards likes to embrace her athletic side. “I recently discovered a love for running,” said Edwards, “I completed the Coach25K program last June, and am currently now training for the Cap City Half Marathon in May.”

Edwards has received a lot of positive feedback about her services. A Delaware customer named Lynette was very happy with the results of Edwards’s photography and “highly recommends Megan.” “It’s rare to find not only talent like hers, but the personality to make a photo session fun!,” shared Lynette, “[Megan Edwards] was able to capture the smiles and personalities of our three year old and one year old in less than thirty minutes. She was ready to go and knew exactly how she wanted the pictures to go.” Lynette was also happy about how “[Megan Edwards] not only took great pictures, but her personality and energy got our kids to smile and laugh!”

Megan Edwards contact info is listed below. Samples of her photos are displayed on her website.
Phone: 419-651-9260
Address: 267 Richards Circle Delaware, Ohio (Edwards does not have a photography studio, she is an “on location” photographer.)
Hours: Vary by appointment

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