Mystery Photo Album Has Delaware, Ohio Roots

Family photos are a must for every family.

 However, imagine if you looked at a family photo and didn’t recognize the person in it; having no idea what role they played in your family history. That’s the case for Donald Fawn, Jr of Austin, Texas.

 Through his grandmother, Julia C. Perkins, who had lived in Delaware, Ohio, Fawn was given a 19th century photo album with more than 90 Daugerrotype studio portraits, some of which have still been unidentified.

Photo of Julia C. Perkins in 1988 at age 92. This photo was in the album.

Photo of Julia C. Perkins in 1988 at age 92. This photo was in the album.

Fawn first wrote about this mystery on back in 2010 and is still continuing his research to identifiy these people today. “These individuals are still unidentified, although, I am continuing to work on that project,” Fawn said.

One of the mystery photos in the album

One of the unidentified photos in the album

 Fawn thinks that perhaps his grandmother may have handed the photo album down from her mother, Ella A. Perkins. Ella was adopted as a baby and raised by the Charles Alter family of Licking County, Ohio or nearby.

This is a picture of the actual photo album that Fawn was given

This is a picture of the actual photo album that Fawn was given

Another theory is that the album was handed down from the Fawn family specifically from George Fawn to his son Edward B. Fawn, then to his son Frank Fawn, to his son James Ryan Fawn, to his only son James Clifford Fawn (Julia’s husband).

Another mystery photo

Another mystery photo

 Although no connection has been discovered yet by Fawn, within the album were the Civil War discharge papers of Charles Alvin DeWitt, who was the 121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company “K”, musician (1862-1865), of Delaware, Ohio. Another interesting thing is that the album also contained a lock of blonde hair tied with a blue ribbon.

Another unidentified photo that was in the album

Another unidentified photo that was in the album

Very interesting, eh?

Do you recognize any of these people? Do the surnames PERKINS, FAWN, ALTER, or DEWITT ring a bell? What is your reaction to this mystery?


  1. Karen Murfield Faircloth says:

    I was born in 1943 and have lived most of my life around the central section of our Ohio State, namely, Delaware, Ohio. During my lifetime, I have been friends with young girls in the Fawn Family and the DeWitt Family. I have stayed a friend of Members of both Families, until Our Lord called them Home ! Some of our Murfield Family members are blood related to the Rinker-Fawn Family. Chris Walker Price is the granddaughter of Carolyn Rinker Farrand . Chris can be found on FACEBOOK. She is an enthusiastic ANCESTRY.COM member. Thank You, for taking time to read this note. Sincerely Karen Murfield Faircloth. ( BTW: I forgot to mention that Robert DeWitt was a guitar player in a local band , during his Central Ohio years. One of his daughters was my closest friend until she joined her Dad, Mom, and Siblings up in HEAVEN, 2 years ago ! I dearly Love that Family ! xxxoxooxxx)

  2. Carol Fisher says:

    Growing up in Delaware, Ohio I knew a Jackie Fawn. She was related to a family down the street from us on Fair Avenue. I always wondered what happened to Jackie. She was a nice girl.

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