Endless Love Movie Review

The ultimate cliché romance movie, hands down, is Endless Love. The movie stars, Gabriella Wilde as your classic beautiful outcast, Jade Butterfield and Alex Pettyfer as handsome stranger, David Elliot.

David has always had a crush on Jade, but has never told her. After their graduation, they properly meet at the Inn where David and his best friend, Mace, work. Right when she drops her year book, their hands touch and their eyes meet and finally Jade Butterfield notices this handsome stranger. Throughout the summer they grow closer and soon fall head over heels for each other. However, Jade’s father won’t have his daughter throwing her future away for a boy and love. Her father does everything in his power to make sure her and David never see each other again. After several events to test each character, their love only grows stronger.

Endless love is your class hopeless romantic movie. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. There were some corny lines that I could even quote and I had never seen the movie before. There were also some scenes that were well predicted. However, in the end, it brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears.

What I didn’t know, is Endless love is a re-make. In 1981 the original movie, Endless Love came out. The 1981 version stared Brooke Shields as Jade Butterfield and Martin Hewitt as David Elliot. I have not yet seen the 1981 version, but if it’s anything like the 2014 version, I know I’ll love it.

I’m a sucker for cliché romance stories so this movie is a must see if you’re a lot like me. I have to admit it was fast pace and there was some really corny acting in it, but I do plan on seeing it again. If you do plan on seeing this classic romance movie, bring some tissues.



  1. David Bader says:

    great review….

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