Meet The Newest Additions to the DelawareO Writing Team!

Writers, writers, and more writers!

DelawareO prides itself on being the online resource for all of Delaware County Ohio and finding local up and coming talent. That is why it seemed like a natural fit to look for writers that are still in high school looking to define / refine their skills.

All I can say is we hit the proverbial mother load. We had applicants from all over Delaware County apply from Big Walnut, Hayes, Buckeye Valley, Olentangy Schools, and Delaware Christian. With no further adieu, please meet and congratulate the 8 newest members of our writing team.

 Abbey Jonesabby

Abbey Jones is a Sophomore at Hayes High school. She enjoys singing in Symphonic Choir, and is also a future member of the school’s paper, the “Talisman”. In her spare time, she likes to listen to music and read Harry Potter. Abbey plans on becoming a high school English teacher as well.

LDOC Picture - Leigh Dunewoodeigh Dunewood

Leigh is somewhat of a busybody. Between writing and looking over copy for her high school’s online student news magazine, juggling three independent courses on top of her already-full senior year course load and finding time to spend with her crazy friends, she’s literally all over the place! She’s obsessed with writing, reading, music and food, and she’s super excited about being a writer for

CaliCali Ford

Caroline, (preferably Cali), Ford is a senior at Big Walnut High School. She has lived her entire life in central Ohio with her parents, Margaret and Randy Ford and her brother Michael. In addition to writing, she is the News Editor for the new Big Walnut newspaper, The Rage Page, as well as a varsity tennis player and member of the mock trial team. Although she has not yet committed to a college, Cali will attend either the University of Chicago or Miami University after graduation. Following college she hopes to attend law school and become an attorney to put her stellar arguing skills to good use.

 Morgan Knight

Macbeth-19Morgan is a Sophomore at Delaware Hayes High School who really enjoys writing as well as photography, but she spends most of her free time as a Lighting Crew Member in the Theater Department. Morgan is also a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Hayes newspaper, The Talisman.

KatieLongtineKatie Longtine

Katie is currently a senior at Buckeye Valley High School, planning to major in English next year and go into editing when she graduates.  She loves language, English especially, but has found her affinity to extend to foreign languages as well, such as French.  In her spare time, she enjoys writing stories, drawing, and reading.  Katie is the oldest of three girls, and enjoys hanging with her siblings.

SophiaSophia Strickling

Sophia is a 16 year old sophomore who aspires to be a photographer / videographer. She attends Big Walnut High School and has lived in Delaware County Ohio her whole life. In the fall she will be going to Delaware Area Career Center as part of their Media & Digital Video program. In her free time Sophia enjoys watching movies, reading, figure skating, traveling, and going to concerts. She is also the president of a 4-H club and a writer for her school’s newspaper, The Rage Page.

andrewAndrew Standley

Andrew, a deep-thinker yet easy-talker, attends Delaware Christian School where he is a sophomore. There he enjoys serving as president of his class and public-address announcing basketball and volleyball games. Emulating the ideal teenage lifestyle, Andrew savors every opportunity he has to hang out with friends, laugh, watch television, spend more-than-enough time on social networks, play sports, have fun, and simply enjoy life from a teenager’s perspective. Outside of school, Andrew is an avid music lover and enjoys to be sucked into the world of a great album through the portal of his attractive headphones. Additionally, he loves to read the Bible and learn. After high school, Andrew would like to attend college to study either music, psychology, or broadcasting, but in the mean time he’s more than content with being a teenager.

KyleKyle Benecke

Kyle Benecke is a 16 year old student at Olentangy Orange High School, and an active part of its journalism program. He has a younger sister and an older brother attending the Ohio State University, as well as two loving parents. Naturally creative, he enjoys writing, designing, shooting and editing videos, working with computer graphics, and a variety of other such activities. He is also a varsity runner for Orange, and aspires to travel the world, as he has already begun to do through missions work in Peru and Costa Rica. He is excited to be a part of the DelawareO team, and can’t wait to get started.


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