The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review

I love superhero movies. I’ve seen every Marvel superhero movie, however I was not a fan of this superhero movie. My brother and I were dying to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But once we got there, we were really upset with this movie.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 follows the first movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, which stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey. The movie is about Peter struggling to keep his promise to Gwen’s father by staying away from her. Peter constantly beats himself up in fear that if he loves Gwen, her life will be put out on the line. But he loves Gwen too much to leave her alone. Then there’s the pressure of being Spider-Man and saving every crime from the city. When Peter’s old friend, Harry Osborn, comes to him asking to see Spider-Man so he can be saved, Peter now faces more problems. Should he let Harry down by saying Spider-Man won’t help? Or give Harry the blood that he needs to live? Peter decides to turn Harry down which creates an enemy for Spider-Man.


But Peter has more problems added to his life, there’s a second villain in the picture. Jamie Foxx plays the incredible villain, Electro. Electro is a troubled villain. Before the accident causing him to gain his powers, he was a nobody with an obsession over Spider-Man. But when Electro believes that Spider-Man is trying to take all of the fame, he snaps. Now Spider-Man has two villains on his plate along with the struggle of staying away from the love of his life.


Sounds like a pretty intense movie? Wrong. Even with the two villains trying to destroy Spider-Man there was NO action. It was all romance. I know I’m all for the romance, but I was looking forward to seeing some butt kicking going on!
So, if you’re looking for a movie to see this weekend. I would recommend to not see The Amazing-Spider Man, unless you want to see more romance than action. This movie really disappointed me in the end.

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