Zoombezi Bay Now a Better Place to Play

Watch out! Mischievous baboons have taken over Zoombezi Bay Water Park! Zoombezi Bay is introducing a brand new, four and a half million dollar multi-level play structure and surrounding pool that will replace the Barracuda Bay. “The whole area was kinda old and needed a facelift,” said Zoombezi Bay’s Vice President, John Gannon, “if you weren’t here before, you can appreciate how nice it is.”

Photo of Zoombezi Bay 2014

Photo of Zoombezi Bay 2014

Several new additions to the park have made such as fresh concrete, heated water, water falls, water basketball, overhead trellis for shade, cabanas with overhead fans and stocked refrigerators, and more. “We knew it was going to look fabulous,” said the Director of Operations, Andy Cloyd, “There’s so much more to do.” This animal-themed attraction provides an imaginative stimulation along with “hands-on” experiences for people of all ages. “We wanted to have some animal theme to it since we’re associated with the zoo,” Cloyd said. This brand-new attraction will include 9 thrilling waterslides along with the 1,000 gallon bucket dump. “You’re just getting sprayed everywhere you go,” Cloyd said. Vibrant colors, splashing water, and movable attractions will all contribute to an enjoyable summer.

Photo of Zoombezi Bay 2014

A different angle of Zoombezi Bay

Zoombezi Bay is a “whole new different experience,” Cloyd said. Also, Gannon guarantees that there’s “gadgets and gizmos for the whole family.” Zoombezi Bay’s slides and water rides are sure to make your heart race! With only one out of six in the United States, Big Boa Falls will whip you from side to side at a rapid speed. What’s even more of a rush is the Python Plunge, which is an uphill water slide! Say whaaaaaat? Riders will accelerate at high speeds as they are blasted uphill on jetted water followed by a 70-foot long shot into a landing pool. What a rush! There’s also rides for the whole family to enjoy at a time. The Tahitian Tower accompanies up to 5 people through a series of acceleration drops in complete darkness along with a 360 degree spin before landing. Grab your sunscreen and admission tickets and make your way to Zoombezi Bay to dive into some exhilarating adventures fun for the whole family!

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