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August 17th is Water Night at DGBC


What if I told you there was water, fun, and free food? (doodle by Katie Longtine)

Looking for some free, fun entertainment before the summer ends?  Well, look no further!  Delaware Grace Brethren Church is hosting “Water Night” 3-6 p.m. August 17th in the church’s back yard.  DGBC has been doing Water Night for seven plus years now, and it continues to be a fun and very wet event for all.

I talked with Billie Lang, Delaware Grace Director of Children’s Ministry, about the event.  Water Night is an opportunity for the community to come together and have fun, she says.   The entire purpose of the evening is to have fun and just be together.  Anyone is welcome to come and have some fun!

Come prepared—bringing super soakers is encouraged.  There will be an area with bales of hay set up for cover, and filling stations for your super soaker so that the water battle can commence.  I also personally recommend bringing goggles if you’re going to play in the super soaker area to avoid being blinded by water.  There will be slip n’ slides; some for the wee folk, and some for the not wee folk.  The event will also feature kiddie pools for little ones, a “people wash”, and a dunk tank.  A dry-zone is available for those who don’t want to get wet.  There will also be free food: hotdogs and snow cones will be served.

Billie says her favorite thing about Water Night is watching everyone be together, let their guards down, and just laugh and have fun.  She says she loves to watch the kids slip n’ slide, because there’s soap on it to maximize slipperiness, and some of the kids are just impressive as they fly down the slip n’ slide.  She also says she loves when the kids try so intensely to dunk their pastor in the dunk tank.

We asked some other staff at the church that happened to walk by what their favorite memory of Water Night was, and most agreed that the dunk tank was the best.  “I love watching the kid’s faces when they dunk someone in the tank,” one staff member said.  Pastor Gary, senior pastor at Delaware Grace, says that one of his favorite memories is when a group of boys started to target him with their water guns.  “The minute I stepped out of the dry zone, I was soaked,” he said, laughing.  “You and me,” Billie added, “They target both of us.”

I asked Billie why people should come, and she answered, “It’s a free, fun evening.”  Food, fun, and lots of splashing around.  Sounds like a great evening to make some good memories, laugh a little, and enjoy the remaining bit of summer while it lasts!  DGBC is located at 375 Hills Miller Road, Delaware, OH.

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