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Smoke-Testing Program Continues on East Side



image DELAWARE – City of Delaware crews will be smoke-testing the sanitary sewer lines and sewer lateral lines in the following East side areas, between 7:30 am-4:30 pm:
Neighborhoods between  East Central Avenue and East William Street
Neighborhoods south of East William Street.
City utility crews or contractors will isolate a small section of the sewer system and then blow non-toxic smoke through that section from a manhole. If there are defects in either the main sewer pipes or the private sewer laterals that serve individual homes and businesses, or if there are illegal cross-connections between the sewer and storm drain, smoke will rise to the surface and reveal these problems. This can be because of blockage, or through cracked pipes near a foundation or incorrectly connected pipes. Tree roots are the most common cause of defects. If a pipe develops a hairline crack, roots may grow toward this moisture, infiltrate the pipe, and widen the crack.

The smoke is harmless to humans, pets, food and material goods.

Any presence of smoke within the house should be reported to the crews working in the area, as this indicates locations where sewer gases can enter your home.  

Smoke testing is important preventative maintenance that helps the City pinpoint the location of sewer defects that may need repairs. Excess water infiltrates sanitary sewers each year through these defects. This raises the cost of wastewater treatment for the entire community and increases the risk of sewage overflows during storms. If smoke can exit through a defect, rain water can enter through that defect.

Our sanitary sewer system is designed to carry wastewater only. The storm water drainage system is a separate network of pipes that channels rainwater and other runoff into creeks and waterways, and eventually into the Olentangy River.

Residents with questions or concerns can call the Public Utilities Department Sewer Collection Division at 740-203-1953 or 740-203-1900.

Source: City of Delaware.

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