Christmas Fun in Central Ohio

Looking for something fun and Christmas-y to do in central Ohio?  Good news!  Here are four fun festivities that you can partake in this month!

The Central Ohio Symphony is performing at Gray Chapel this coming Sunday, the 14th at 2:00 and 4:30.  They’ll be featuring music from Disney’s Frozen.  It would be a fun family friendly time to hear some great holiday tunes. More information and ticket pricing be found here.

Marmon Valley Farm holds their annual Country Christmas event, where guests sit in a covered wagon and take a ride around the farm as actors depict the Christmas story.  This is something that I once did with my family, and it was a cool experience.  One of my favorite memories is of a Roman Centurion calling after the wagon, “Do your taxes!  Stay in school!”  It’s overall a fun thing to do with the family.



Tours begin at 6:30 pm on Fridays and 5:00 pm on Saturdays.  Tickets are $6 for children and $7 for anyone over 12 if they are bought in advance.  If they are not bought in advance, they’re two dollars more.  You can find more information and upcoming tour dates here.

The Living Christmas Tree concert at Grace Polaris is always one of my favorite things to do.  It usually takes the form of musical, telling the Christmas story along with the story of some modern characters.  The show is always top notch, and so much fun.  I have good memories from when I was a very small child of this show.  And it’s different every year, so it’s so much fun.

Their next shows are the 12th, 13th, and 14th, so if you’re interested, check out the ticket pricing and more information here!  Tickets are around 10 to 15 dollars.

The Ohio Theatre has several showings of the Nutcracker ballet.  Tickets are a bit pricier than the other events listed here, but I’m sure it would be worth it.  I can’t imagine this would be great for very small kids, but I know it’s something I would personally love to do.  Tchaikovsky has got to be one of my favorite classical composers, and I’ve seen several film adaptations of the story, but never the ballet.  I think it would be a worthwhile thing to go see.  You can find more information about upcoming shows and ticket pricing here.





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