Delaware General Health District Continues To Offer School Flu Clinics

Heath District advises parents to not wait to vaccinate

DELAWARE, Oh. – The Delaware General Health District is notifying parents of students participating in Big Walnut, Buckeye Valley and Olentangy Local School flu clinics that due to a national FluMist shortage the Health District will only be giving nasal spray vaccine (while supplies last) to elementary students while middle and high school students will receive the flu vaccine in shot form.

At this time, the Health District is unsure when more nasal spray vaccine will become available, therefore parents are advised to not wait to vaccinate. There is no reason for parents to panic — the injectable form of the flu vaccine is just as safe and effective as the nasal.

If a parent/guardian does not want their child (previously signed up for the nasal mist) to get the flu shot at all, they are asked to call the DGHD flu clinic message line at (740) 203-2012 and remove their child’s name from the list. If a parent/guardian approves of their child getting the shot instead of the nasal spray they do not need to call the Health District. If a parent/guardian has a question regarding the nasal spray verses the shot, they are asked to speak with a public health nurse at (740) 203-2086.

For regular DGHD clinics, the Health District will only be giving flu vaccine in shot form until the nasal form becomes available again. For more details, visit under Featured Links

Source: Delaware Health District Press Release

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