High School ranks among the busiest years of life…especially nowadays.


For some, high school is the best four years of their life. For others, it’s merely a stepping stone towards a higher education or the beginning of their adult lives. In either case, however, it goes without saying that high school also ranks among the busiest years of life, especially nowadays. 


Students are waking up early, going from class to class, and racking up homework, all the while dealing with relationships and drama. Then, for most teens, it’s off to practice or to a club. Sometimes you have a game, a meet, or a performance, and then you’re expected to deal with all that homework you’ve been building up. Then comes getting a job, devoting time to activities outside of school, and applying for college. Oh, and testing, lots of testing. And… keeping grades up, of course. Then going to bed late, sometimes very late. [Read more…]

Meet The Newest Additions to the DelawareO Writing Team!

Writers, writers, and more writers!

DelawareO prides itself on being the online resource for all of Delaware County Ohio and finding local up and coming talent. That is why it seemed like a natural fit to look for writers that are still in high school looking to define / refine their skills.

All I can say is we hit the proverbial mother load. We had applicants from all over Delaware County apply from Big Walnut, Hayes, Buckeye Valley, Olentangy Schools, and Delaware Christian. With no further adieu, please meet and congratulate the 8 newest members of our writing team. [Read more…]