Awesome highlights from the Olentangy Fourth of July Celebration – in Pictures

Olentangy Fourth of July Celebration


The Freedom 4-Miler

Running participants met at Orange Middle School for the 8AM start of the Freedom 4-Miler. The run was also broadcasted via drone courtesy of Michael Cairns of Infinite Impact photography.

Olentangy 5K 1

Olentangy 5K 2

Olentangy 5K 3

Olentangy 5K 4

Olentangy 5K 6

Also: Check out the Parade and Beach Bash videos

The Kids Firecracker Runs

After the Freedom 4-Miler came the two kids runs at 9AM. In addition to being a great way to stay active on the Fourth of July, the kids runs turned out to be a really fun way for them to kick off the morning with a little healthy competition!

Olentangy Kids Run 1

Olentangy Kids Run 2

Olentangy Kids Run 3

Olentangy Kids Run 4

Olentangy Kids Run 5

The Independence Day Parade

The entire Lewis Center community came together this year to make the 2014 Independence Day Parade a successful one! From the local businesses passing out candy to the excited children on the sidelines, to the Olentangy and Olentangy Orange High School cheer squads pumping up the entire crowd with “American Spirit”, the parade was great!

Olentangy Parade 1

Olentangy Parade 2

Olentangy Parade 3

Olentangy Parade 4

Olentangy Parade 5

Olentangy Parade 6

Beach Bash & Fireworks

Over at the Alum Creek beach, games, inflatables, and activities were put into place to entertain the kids and families, as well as information booths from local businesses who sponsored the event. The Olentangy Orange HS Drumline performed, followed by a live performance from The Websters. The night ended with a spectacular fireworks show!

Olentangy Beach Bash 1

Olentangy Beach Bash 2

Olentangy Beach Bash 3

Olentangy Beach Bash 4

Olentangy Beach Bash 5

Olentangy Beach Bash 6

Olentangy Beach Bash 7

Check out the Parade and Beach Bash videos

Olentangy Fourth of July Celebration

The Lewis Center Business Association has big plans for celebrating Independence Day this year! With the help and support of many local groups and businesses such as: The Polaris Community Fund, radio station Mix 107.9, AutoMax, The Goddard School, the Primrose School of Lewis Center, Rivers Insurance Group, The Ride, and the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (CarePoint Lewis Center) just to name a few, the Olentangy Fourth of July Celebration is well on its way to being a huge success.

The LCBA has expanded its means of getting the word out about this big Fourth of July event. “In the past it’s been more word-of-mouth, but now there’s a marketing piece to it. This is the first year where we’ve got radio involved, Mix 107.9. They’re going to be doing ads on the air for the two weeks leading up to the event. Andre Styles, one of their DJs, is going to be out at the beach, as well,” Ryan Rivers of the Rivers Insurance Group said. [Read more…]

The truth behind Senioritis


It’s knowing that you have a 12-15 page English paper due in three weeks…and waiting until two nights before the due date to even brainstorm a topic. And then only turning in three of the 12 pages.

It’s leaving all your textbooks, daily homework assignments, final exam test prep and TI-84 calculator in your locker…and carrying an empty backpack home each night.

And it’s thinking that counting down the days until graduation is an acceptable replacement for an actual math class.

Senioritis is this contagious little bug that bites soon-to-be high school graduates, and deprives them of close to all of their motivation and/or determination to get just about anything done. Starting with getting out of bed to actually go to school.

Parents and teachers are likely to call it “procrastination”, while most seniors are prone to calling it “a genuine incapability to do school work during the last couple of months leading up to graduation”. And if anything, senioritis is a mindset.

Whether it’s the relief students feel or the confidence they gain after the stress of filling out, editing (three times just to be safe), and sending out college applications and later being admitted; or even the anxiety they experience that comes from them knowing that their K-12 educational career is nearing its close, seniors truly are in a weird place during their last semester or last nine weeks of high school – both mentally and emotionally.

I can speak from my personal and most recent experience when I say that that last month or so of high school is pretty darn frightening. For 13 straight years (if you choose to count Kindergarten) we’re each conditioned to ‘play school’ and learn by a certain curriculum or by a plethora of learning targets that are rendered necessary and essential for our development as emerging, productive young adults. School is both a routine and a system that is molded from the minds of numerous administrators, teachers and surrounding faculty members to ensure that students are armed with the skills and knowledge that will benefit them in the real world; the world that exists once primary and secondary school are over and done with.

But the scary thing – for college-bound seniors, in particular – is that there’s a lot of uncertainty that comes once they’ve reached grade 12. There’s a lot of wondering about where they’ll fit in life and even about the things they enjoy, believe or are interested in. There’s also a lot of curiosity about the type of person they are and often some confusion about the person they’d like to be, something that they’re often left on their own to figure out.

Once the excitement from being accepted into their school of choice dies down a bit, seniors’ anxiety (for their futures) – or senioritis – starts to kick in. For some students, yes: senioritis may result in a lack of effort put forth in their studies. But really, would seniors be seniors if they didn’t know how to write a well-thought-out essay, or answer (correctly) a couple of extensive math and science problems or even read (and somewhat understand) some of Shakespeare’s prose?

Instead of seeing it as something negative, I choose to look at my half-full glass and think of senioritis as a way for seniors to ‘spring clean’ their minds, in order to prepare themselves for the changes and adjustments they’ll soon have to make for college. Out with the old and in with the new!

There’s only so much information a person can process at one time, and to avoid getting too overwhelmed, stressed out or anxious, seniors use senioritis and the last couple of months or weeks of high school to do just two simple things, really: (1) review and reflect on their personal levels of progress, and how far they’ve come, and (2) mentally prepare themselves for a new routine and system – college and/or the real world.

Olentangy Orange High School 2014 Commencement – Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday, May 17, 2014 @ 2PM

Audience and class members at OOHS' 2014 Commencement ceremony

Audience and class members at OOHS’ 2014 Commencement ceremony

Approximately 330 young men and women dressed in long blue caps and gowns, and in various honor cords and sashes waited anxiously and excitedly outside the doors of the Celeste Center on the Ohio Fair Grounds…in the rain.

They were to be the fifth graduating class from Olentangy Orange High School – the youngest high school in the Olentangy Local School District – and the second group to graduate that Saturday (with Olentangy Liberty High School being the first, and Olentangy High School being the third).

As they looked around at one another, realizing that this was the day that they’d collectively all been working so hard towards, softly whispered words of encouragement drifted amongst them as their music was cued to begin their march into the ceremony. [Read more…]

Meet The Newest Additions to the DelawareO Writing Team!

Writers, writers, and more writers!

DelawareO prides itself on being the online resource for all of Delaware County Ohio and finding local up and coming talent. That is why it seemed like a natural fit to look for writers that are still in high school looking to define / refine their skills.

All I can say is we hit the proverbial mother load. We had applicants from all over Delaware County apply from Big Walnut, Hayes, Buckeye Valley, Olentangy Schools, and Delaware Christian. With no further adieu, please meet and congratulate the 8 newest members of our writing team. [Read more…]