Stuff the Bus Comes to Delaware

Even though summer break has just began for most of us, it’s not to early to start planning for next year. That’s just what The United Way of Delaware County is doing, by holding  it’s first ” Stuff the Bus” and ” Supplies for Scholars” events. These events will benefit  children in pre-k through 12th grade in Delaware County.

The Stuff the Bus event runs the week of June 16th through the 21st. On these dates school supplies, backpacks, personal hygiene items, and socks and underwear will be collected at Walmart located in Lewis Center. The goal is to provide supplies for 2,000 students.

“The concept of “Stuff the Bus” has been around for years, this is the first time that I am aware of that we are hosting one in Delaware County,” said Barb Lyon the Vice President of The United Way of Delaware County. “The United Way of Delaware County in partnership with our Women’s Leadership Network initiated the idea in fall 2013.”

For this event to be possible The United Way of Delaware County needs volunteers  at both event to help collect, organize and hand out the supplies.

“We have a wonderful volunteer who graciously has pulled the event together,” Lyon said. “We are excited to partner with several organizations to make this a success. Delaware City School, Walmart and Meijer have provided donations and/or financial support to ensure both events are successful. Several others have provided donations and volunteers to assist as well.”

Then on July 18th the ” Supplies for Scholars” event is being held at Woodward Elementary. This is where students can pick up the supplies that where donated.

“What makes this event uStuff the busunique is that the supplies that are collected during June 16-21 will be sorted and distributed at our first “Supplies for Scholars” back to school event on July 18th,” Lyon said “The intent is to create a fun-filled day where families can come to one  location and pick up school supplies, receive a free haircut (limited to the first 50 children) and a gift certificate for shoes (limited quantities). We will also have the 2nd and 7 Foundation there to pass out books and local vendors like Kona Ice, Wendy’s, Costco and others are providing refreshments. Games, face painting and a bounce house are also planned.”

The Supplies for Scholars event is free and open to any school-aged child pre-k through 12th grade in Delaware County. To receive a shoe gift certificate, proof of Delaware County residency must be provided.

The United Way needs volunteers the week of June 16-21 to help staff the bus at Walmart Super Center in Lewis Center from 9 am-9 pm each day.  Kids can also volunteer as long as they are supervised by an adult. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Barb Lyon at to learn more.


The President of Delaware History- A Story on Brent Carson

Brent Carson known as Mr. Carson to most, has been in Delaware his whole life. He grew up in Delaware, he taught 6th grade social studies at Willis for 31 years and has now been the President of The Delaware County Historical Society for 7 years.

Carson has always had an interest in history, his father was a farmer and his mother was a Woodward elementary school teacher who both had a deep interests for history.  ” Often times when you think of history its a story, of things that happen.” Carson said. “And if you’ve ever been around old people they have lots of I grew up with a lot of [them].”

Carson is known for telling stories. He tells about how Delaware first began, on the flood of 1913, but his favorite story is about a farmer that lived in the northern part of the county.

The family was friends with Carson’s aunt, and the husband of the family was a farmer who had cows, but never wanted to call a veterinarian seeing they where expensive. Finally his favorite cow had gotten sick one day, and he wanted to call a veterinarian seeing the cow would not stand up. The veterinarian came out gave the cow some medicine, and told the farmer to try to get the cow to stand up. So the farmer came up with an idea to get the cow to stand up.

The barn’s roof came to a point, and at the time hay way not placed like it was today. It was stacked on either side of the barn in a mound. They would put a hook attached to a pulley in the hay and attach a horse to the other end. “The horse then would walk right out and pull that hay into the barn. [the hay] would slide on a rail into the hay mound, so they did not have to do it by hand.” Carson said.

The farmer though he could tie a rope to the hook and then slide the rope under the cow and re-tie it to the hook. So he set up the cow and tied the horse to the other end. The farmer would watch and guide the cow while his wife would guide the horse.

So the family decided to try the idea, but there was a problem”That horse was trained to know where to go way out in the barn lot to stand” Carson said. “Because when he did that the horse knew the weight that the horse was pulling would no longer be there.” 

So the horse went to the spot which is when the hook is at the very top of the barn. So now the cow is kicking and kicking as he slid down the rail towards the hay mound. ” But this hay mound did not have any hay on it at the time.” Carson said.

Then the rail gave way seeing it had more weight then it could handle on it, and killed the cow!

If you want to learn more about Delaware’s history you can check out the Delaware County Historical Society located at 157 E. William St. or check out their website at for hours and more!

Run Willis, Run!

On April 26, 5th and 6th graders with their families will be running, walking, and jogging the 5k route at the YMCA in Delaware to help raise money for their school.

The fundraiser is not only a great way to help Willis, but it’s also helps family and friends connect . “We were trying to come up with a fundraiser for the school that also created family involvement” said Heidi Kegley, the principal of Willis Intermediate School. “…something that was going to bring our community and families together for an event which was for a good cause.”

 The 5k will  help the students at Willis by allowing the purchase of iPads and laptops, along will helping Family Promise. “Family Promise is a group that works with families in Delaware that are homeless [by] providing shelter and housing to them as well as job training.” Kegley said.

Willis has held this event for 3 years with the help of Delaware City Schools, the YMCA, and the Delaware City Police Department. The race starts at 8 A.M. on the 26th of April at the YMCA, but if someone can’t attend they can still help by doing a sleep-in. “So you basically pay your money you get your T-shirt but you choose to sleep in and not come to the event.” said Kegley.

The price for the event is $20 per participant and there is as $50 maximum per family.

If anyone would like to sign up for the race information can be found on the Delaware City Schools website or by calling Willis Intermediate Middle School at (740)833-1700.

Meet The Newest Additions to the DelawareO Writing Team!

Writers, writers, and more writers!

DelawareO prides itself on being the online resource for all of Delaware County Ohio and finding local up and coming talent. That is why it seemed like a natural fit to look for writers that are still in high school looking to define / refine their skills.

All I can say is we hit the proverbial mother load. We had applicants from all over Delaware County apply from Big Walnut, Hayes, Buckeye Valley, Olentangy Schools, and Delaware Christian. With no further adieu, please meet and congratulate the 8 newest members of our writing team. [Read more…]