March for Art – Another First Friday Success!

March for Art 2014 (1) IMG_20140307_210025Friday night March 7, 2014 will be remembered. It was a night of beautiful weather after what can arguably be dubbed “the worst winter in Ohio ever.”

People were out, energy was in the air and 46 degrees felt like a heat wave. (When we did the Chocolate Walk video for the DelawareO Video Show just 4 weeks ago, it was 6 degrees!)

The event was sponsored by Main Street Delaware and Button Up (more on this business later). Here is the event summary from the Main Street web page:  “25 local galleries exhibiting artwork from Delaware City Schools.  The official ‘Gallery Opening’ will be held in participating locations on First Friday in March and the exhibit will remain up in the downtown for your perusal through the end of the month.” So even if you missed our young talent, you still have 3 weeks to take it in.March for Art 2014 (6) IMG_20140307_180444 (2)

Part of our mission at DelawareO is to help promote a healthy and vibrant downtown. This is not to exclude anyone else from the four corners of Delaware County, but to start here and work our way out.

March for Art 2014 (5) IMG_20140307_183716Since art was the focus, let’s get to it. I loved walking around and seeing what our kids created. Having no art talent myself, I was amazed at what I saw. It was fun to enter in to the different stores to see what was on display. The downtown merchants I spoke with were loving the traffic this event generated to their stores.  What catches my eye is the use of color and dimension.

March for Art 2014 (2) IMG_20140307_205207The sponsor of the event was Button Up (a gallery of hand-made art). I was able to speak briefly with the owner, Kathleen Miller. Her store had quite a buzz…they were previewing new watercolors by Mary Morrison. I have prints of her work in my insurance office and love them!



We’ll be back for “Mascot Madness” on Friday, April 5, 2014. Plans are to have the video crew there too. So if you see our team, be sure to tell us “I want to be part of the DelawareO Video Show”  …we may just have the chance to make you famous.March for Art 2014 (4) IMG_20140307_193111




March for Art 2014 (3) IMG_20140307_201624



Amateur Economist goes to the Show

Economic Forum - the crowd

The crowd settles in

Last Monday, I braved the oncoming snow and attended the Economic Outlook Conference 2014 at Ohio Wesleyan University. The event was sponsored by The Economics Department and The Woltemade Center.  The room had 300 chairs in it and all were full! Who would have thought that listening to 3 economists and one moderator would be standing room only?

As usual, I sat toward the front (Row 3 in the center to be exact). It does not matter if you are going to a function like this or attending a Pink Floyd concert…closer is better!

What captured my attention initially was that one of the panelists is a vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland. Imagine, one of the top monetary strategists in the country was speaking in my town. His name is Edward Knotek II, Ph.D. The other panelists were Jim Newton, Ph.D. from Central Ohio and Ian Sheldon, Ph.D. originally from Salford, UK now at The Ohio State University.

Economic Forum - panel

The distinguished panel

The panel was perfectly moderated by Goran Skosples, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics.

Dr. Sheldon spoke first. He predicted low inflation rates in the coming year of about 2%. His talk was based in part by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) outlook.

Dr. Knotek was of particular interest to me. Some highlights of his talk: the housing market is on the mend, we continue to have tepid consumer spending and services are weak due to higher taxes, lower incomes and unemployment. On positive notes we have improving fundamentals, low inflation and an accommodative monetary policy.

He predicted that year-end 2014 would have inflation in the range of 1.5 to 1.75% and unemployment in the range of 6.5 to 6.75%. (He made an initial disclaimer that the opinions are his only and not those of the Federal Reserve.)

Economic forum - Jim Newton

Jim Newton, Ph.D.

Dr. Newton (in my view) was the most interesting and by far the most enthusiastic and animated. He was fun to listen to! The big take away is that monthly numbers are less and less meaningful. Seasonal adjustments may need to be changed. For instance, Christmas season hiring started in September this year, making the employment numbers higher in that month. In the past, the hiring occurred later.

Leading in to the program was the welcome by Alice Simon, Ph.D., Director of the Woltemade Center for Economics and the introductions by Martin Eisenberg, Ph.D., Dean of Academic Affairs.

The event can be viewed

PS They had me at inelasticity.





Main Street Delaware – Fine Art, Food & Wine fund-raiser

 Main Street Delaware will host its annual Fine Art, Food & Wine fund-raiser, which will include food from the city’s finest restaurants and a “Feel the Glow of Main Street” silent auction of custom artworks created by local artists.  [Read more…]

First Friday – Delaware People are our People!

Jason (Father) and Jake (Son) Stein pose with a Delaware City Police Officer at "Picnic With the Cops."  Photo R VanBrimmer / DelawareO

Jason (Father) and Jake (Son) Stein pose with a Delaware City Police Officer at “Picnic With the Cops.” Photo R VanBrimmer / DelawareO

That’s why we set up a table to meet and greet at First Friday last night. The main event of the evening was “Picnic with the Cops.” Part of Winter Street was blocked off so we could meet our local police men and women. They had police cruisers for the little ones to explore as well as a children’s police academy training camp and some games.

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If you missed Delaware’s PREMIER networking event last night….

Premiere photo 2 photo

You missed two and one half hours of local networking, food, fun and idea sharing. 19 people found refuge from the warm July evening to attend last night at Amato’s.


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