Founding Funders

A permanent page listing of all the “Founding Funder’s” of These are financial partners that believed in us from the beginning and helped us raise the needed capital to be successful.

For more information on how to become a “Founding Funder“, and our packages please email


Platinum Founding Funder’s

Funded by Toby Boyce – Howard Hannah RealCom

Funded by DFC Screen Printing

Gold Founding Funder’s

Sliver Founding Funder’s

Bronze Founding Funder’s

Founding Family and Friends of the

  • Funded in love for our son by Chuck & Eddie Lewis
  • Funded by Toby & Gretchen Boyce

Funded In Loving Memory

  • Funded in loving memory of Bob & Rosemary Hinderlong – Rocky’s Grandpa & Grandma
  • Funded In loving memory of Charlie & Clara Lewis
  • Funded in loving memory of LynDon A. Gurtner