Another Sign The Delaware County Fair Is Almost Here!

Saturday can not get here to kick off the Delaware County Fair soon enough!


I was SUPER excited when I drove by the Delaware County Fair grounds and saw the Kensler’s Pepperoni Stick trailer there.

Be honest, how many time have you tried making one at home with poor results?

Delaware, Ohio’s All Horse Parade Unsung Hero’s – The POOPER SCOOPER’s


Delaware, Ohio’s All Horse Parade “Pooper Scooper’s” Keep It Clean!

Each year the “Pooper Scooper’s” take a lot of… stuff from the horses in the All Horse Parade. These men and women make horse clean up look fun! Thank you “Pooper Scooper’s” for doing a great job!

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Hannah Kern’s “Delaware All Horse Parade Pictures (Slidshow 1)”

Delaware County Fair Is Almost Here!

 A Delaware County Fair Sign Of Things to Come!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAnother sign the Delaware County Fair is almost here, the rides are showing up.

Just a few more days until a pepperoni stick!

 Read Sue Lamphere’s The Delaware County Fair:  Ponder the Past and Prepare for a Blast

Hannah Kern’s “Delaware All Horse Parade Pictures (Slidshow 1)”

This Bingo Game Is Full of Horse Pucky.

Horse Poop Bingo Hits The Delaware County Fair All Horse Parade

Horse poop bingo is one of those things unique

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Delaware County Fair All Horse Parade (Slide Show 1)

Picture slide show #1 of the Delaware County Fair’s All Horse Parade.

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Photos include the Delaware Hayes Grand Pacer Marching Band, Buckeye Valley High School Marching Band, Delaware County 4-H clubs, Riding Clubs, and various other community organizations around the Delaware, Ohio area.

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Sue Lampher dives in to the history of the Delaware County Fair in her latest piece “The Delaware County Fair:  Ponder the Past and Prepare for a Blast.” CLICK HERE TO READ IT

Sunrise Over The Fairgrounds August 22,2014


The sunrise as it starts to peek through the day over the Delaware County Fairgrounds.

A First Time Experience at the “Little Brown Jug.”

Jug Day! New, out-of-town patrons in the local coffee shop, cars lined up at the Delaware County Fair gate and not a car to be found in the local governments’ parking lots!

The scene for my first Little Brown Jug, like my life often resembles, had a sit-com feel to it. I woke up with a cold, had my parents decide they were coming for a last minute visit and came quite the opposite of prepared for what was in store. Having Fred and Judy Sommers make their way down from Fowler, OH was a treat. Old farm kids and 4-H alumni themselves, we had a great time visiting projects from all of the great clubs, all the while hearing the trumpets blare every time a race began. Now here is where my lack of Jug Day understanding comes in. $30 dollars to get inside the stadium? It was a unanimous “no”. I then noticed where the crowd (my favorite place to be!) was located. Locals and visitors alike joined around the edge of the fence to watch the races and place their bets.

Bets. Another item I had forgotten. A large part of the fun of the Jug is the gambling that takes place. One of the few (very) activities I don’t partake in, my father and I came up with our own gambling system, an imaginary one! We even started to pull in some new friends to participate with us!

It was so wonderful to be a part of one of Delaware’s oldest traditions and soak some of that up. Did anything exciting happen for you at your first Little Brown Jug? Share your stories in the comments below!

The Delaware Daily, September, 18 2013


Lawn Mower Racing at the Fair

I have to admit, being an old NASCAR fan, I love just about anything with a motor that races. An entire new world was opened up Saturday night. This is a combination of back yard and big time.

First lap, turn 3

First lap, turn 3

Imagine slowly cutting your back yard on a riding lawn mower chugging along at 3 miles per hour. Then the dream comes over you. What if I could swap out the tires, give the motor more horse power, put on a helmet and go faster? You are ready to move out of the back yard and on to the track.

Watching the races I could only think to myself…I would love to get out there and run a few laps. Even a guy like me could handle the corners and the 22 MPH straight away speeds! Besides, the founder and President of the USLMRA (United States Lawn Mower Racing Association), Bruce Kaufman, has the coolest nickname of all time. He is known as “Mr. mow it all.” He was unable to attend last night, but I did get to meet others from the organization.

I got to see three of the races. They were clean, hard fought events. (Even though there was some

Turn 1 - "Cuttin' it close"

Turn 1 – “Cuttin’ it close”

“rubbing” in the corners and bump passing on the track.) There’s a lot to know about what specs are in each division, be needless to say, they are all fun to watch. And the noise is reasonable so your not deaf for the first hour after leaving.

They do keep the races honest. After the winner takes the checkered flag, he or she must have an immediate compression test to make they are not over the allowable RPMs for the class. Then they can take the victory lap.

I wish I had better pictures but it was a combination of the lighting, my camera and the fact the lawn mower racing had me trembling with excitement all evening!



Opening Day at the Fair

Paco poses for me.

Paco poses for me.

Saturday was opening day at the Fair. What an event it is! My lovely wife Joyce and I arrived late afternoon in the beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures. The parking lots were nearly full so we knew we would get see lots of people.

The first area we walked through was the horse stables. I have always been fascinated by horses. Having grown up in the city, I was never around horses. They are large (some might say majestic) animals. One particular horse caught my attention. His name is Paco. He seemed to smile and greet me as I stood in front of him. And, he was nice enough to pose for a picture!

Next we went to the vendor areas. Our mission at DelawareO is to help build up and connect both the business and non-profit communities in Delaware County. We got to visit with some of the people from the Council for Older Adults, Ohio Health, and the Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities. We also talked with our State Representative, Andy Brenner. Thanks to our local elected officials for being out and accessible!

In another section of the building there was a military exhibit. I stopped and viewed some items that are part of our history. It is our history and we honor the men and women who defend our freedom. The photo reminds me how we were divided in Europe not too long ago.

A reminder of not too long ago.

We also went to the Crafts Barn and then ate a few “Fair Food” goodies. We did get to try one new item…fried mashed potatoes. Coming from a Slovak heritage, potatoes are a staple (or should be) of every meal! They were crispy brown on the outside and warm, smooth, creamy and tasty on the inside.

I really don’t know how long it takes to see everything, but I know we needed a few more days. Plus we got our daily exercise in. You still have a full week left…get to the fair to glimpse our past and to enjoy our present. This is local escape at its best.