OWU Officer First to Author Delaware’s Ghostly Encounters

Ghosts and its paranormal branches have been a very popular subject for millennia, appearing in countless publications, such as “Macbeth,” to the Bible, and now in John B. Ciochetty’s books “Ghosts of Historic Delaware, OH” and “The Ghosts of Stuyvesant Hall and Beyond.”

Front cover of Ciochetty’s book ‘The Ghosts of Stuyvesant Hall and Beyond’ written in 2007

Ciochetty currently holds a position at Ohio Wesleyan’s Department of [Read more…]

A Nightmare on Flax Street

Flax Street Building's Three Bay

Flax Street Building’s Three Bay

Delaware Residents may be familiar with the project Doug Neff and myself created in hopes for raising enough funds to open the first spiritually active art gallery in Delaware, Ohio called The Three Bay: Haunted Art Gallery. Unfortunately, the funding goal was not met and we were forced to abandon the project. However, not before having a few paranormal investigations performed on the building itself. “I had a team here before, they said the building was [Read more…]