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You are not living under a rock are you?


Tasting Paddle

Staas Tasting Paddle

If you live in Delaware and haven’t heard about the new microbrewery that has become a part of the downtown family, you may want to put on your sunglasses. It seems that you have been living under a rock and it’s high time to see the sun! Welcome to the corner of North Franklin and West Winter streets where you will find Staas Brewing Company.

 It’s exciting when a new business joins downtown Delaware, so quite a bit has already been written about the brewery. Since these articles have already circulated, I’m not going to tell you why Staas came to Delaware or how they brew using a half-barrel brewing system. What I will tell you is why it’s worth visiting.

 Reason 1: Staas Cares.

 Owners Donald and Liz Staas visited Delaware for the first time in April of 2012. That was only 16 months ago. In only 16 months time, they decided on a location for the brewery, got the business paperwork rolling, brewed like madmen (madpeople?), and then actually moved to Delaware. The brewery opened in July, just 15 months after it all started. On top of all that, Donald and Liz pay homage to Delaware with their beers. This is the epitome of local immersion.

Reason 2: Thirsty? Not for Long.

At my visit this past Friday (and Saturday… don’t judge… it was for research!…) there were 12 brews to try from. Wanting to give an accurate description of the whole gamut I had to try them all, right? I love that the tastes were all poured in little one-ounce glasses and put on a pizza tray covered in chalkboard paint. The paint allows them to write by the glasses the drink’s corresponding number to the main board where the name and ABV (alcohol by volume) percentage is written. Styles sampled included a German Weizen, Belgian Golden Strong, Saison, Session IPA (an IPA is an India Pale Ale if you’re not privy to beer-speak), Oatmeal Stout, Belgian Dubbel, Belgian Quad, Imperial Pale, 2x IPA, Kölsch, Apricot Wheat and ESB or Extra Special Bitter. The Session, Dubbel and Imperial Pale are all currently in limited supply, according to the main board. Hurry in if you want to give them a taste. Personally, those three were actually in my top five favorites! I missed the Spruce Ale, but the mighty board reveals that it will be back this Thursday, August 8.


Tap Room Board.

Tap Room Board.

Sticking with their tagline, “classic styles, true to style,” they hit the nail on the head with the beers being true to the form they were looking for. Staas really shines in their darker brews. The Belgian Dubbel and Quad went down smooth and easy. If you’re not usually a beer drinker, don’t let the dark beers scare you, they’re delicious and these ones especially were in that classic “just right” area. Not too malty, not too hoppy, but “just right.” I actually wanted more hops and bitterness from the 2x (double) IPA. I love hops. To me, the more a beer tastes like nature, the better. I think this double IPA lacks the bitter kick I crave because of the variety of hops it’s made with. From my own homebrew experience, the husband and I made a double IPA once from hops we grow in our garden, and the flavor turned out much sweeter than I anticipated, with almost a cherry-flavored-syrup-like-aftertaste. This 2x IPA had a similar sweet aftertaste to it.

 I could talk beer a lot longer, but I would be remiss if I neglected to mention the noodle food truck that set up shop late Saturday night just behind Staas. Mashita Noodle Bar has teamed up with Staas and, if all goes well, plans to make Delaware one of their main stops in the future. Serving up homemade ramen noodles and sauces with meats like Kool-Aid pulled pork, it’s perfect to pair with your drinks! My noodles also came with a condiment pack of cilantro, sprouts and a hard-boiled egg. Mmm mmm!

Reason 3: Staas Has Passion.


Are you being served?

Are you being served?

 Donald and Liz get it. Do you know what I mean by “it?” When someone is matched so perfectly with something, “it” is that spark that you see that cannot be missed. Check out Staas Brewing Company’s Facebook page. They love what they are doing and are proud of their work. They have invested time, money and a whole lot of energy and they don’t want to be billionaires, they just want to do what they love. That’s not just the mark of a good brewer, that’s the mark of a good business. I am continually impressed with all they’ve done, and they haven’t even been open two weeks! They got involved locally in the Barley Hopsters Home Brew Club months before their store even opened and have active and exciting Instagram and Twitter accounts (@StaasBrewing). This is not what “young people” do. This is what good business owners do. The marketing and advertising geek in me is really starting to come out here, but I am totally geeked on all fronts about what Staas is doing!

 Kudos to them on a job very well done with their grand opening, and here’s to what’s to come! As they say in Germany (and Staas), “Prost!

 Since I showed my geek card a little bit in this piece, I want to know what gets you geeked? If it’s beer, what’s your favorite style? Is there anything you look forward to seeing Staas brew? If it’s not beer, let your geek flag fly high! Who knows, you may see an article about it in the future from yours truly or another of our über talented DelawareO writers.

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  1. I love beer! I am not a huge fan of IPAs in general, but I favor pilsners and wheat beers. This article makes me want to leave work and head out to Staas right now, actually!

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