A Ghostly Night in Delaware

I don’t believe in ghosts. Really. But I’ll admit to sometimes doubting my own convictions when I hear certain stories and even hear sounds in my own home. That’s right, I’ve heard things. When we had lived in our Northwest Neighborhood home just a few months and had newborn twins, I heard something upstairs. The girls and I were on the couch downstairs and I heard footsteps above us. Walking from their room into our room next to it without going through the hallway– straight through the wall. A few days later, there were the quintessential slamming doors in the empty second floor. I remember walking into the babies’ room and saying something along the lines of “I don’t know if there’s anything here– I don’t even believe in you. But this is my babies’ room. And if you hurt them, I will kill you again.” We’ve not heard a single suspicious sound ever since!

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October is just the perfect time for a good ghost story. Something about the brisk wind blowing by your ears and full trees becoming more like skeletons just makes the atmosphere more spooky. Add in some homes from more than 100 years ago decked out in their Halloween cobwebs and ghostly lanterns, and the perfect Halloween night is at your finger tips.


Every other year, the Northwest Neighborhood Association hosts a Ghost Walk. This year the walk features ten different local ghost stories along a 1.5 mile walk. Guides (many of them costumed) will lead groups along the route to storytellers, many of whom will be telling the story from the perspective of the ghost. The night starts with a talk about paranormal activity in Ohio from James Willis, the author of Weird Ohio. There is also a tour of the old jail, and after the walk is completed, those with a Ghost Walk ticket get to see a movie at the Strand for free! Walkers can choose between the horror classic, Psycho, or the new release of Carrie. A perfect ending to a super spooky night!

There are some tickets still available for the walk this Saturday (Oct. 19th) starting at 6pm! The cost is $15 for the guided tour, spooky stories and a movie at the Strand! They can be bought at Beehive Books or online at Those on the tour also have an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for an uniquely frightening experience: Five winners and their guests will spend the evening of October 24th with Delaware historian Brent Carson at the Oak Grove Cemetery followed by a catered dinner at the Arts Castle.

I’ll be leading a group for the walk this year, so be sure to introduce yourself if we’re walking (and maybe screaming?) together!

About Tara Salsman

A native of Alabama, Tara now calls Delaware "Sweet Home." She is a wife, a mother of twins, a calligrapher, and an aspiring everything. Despite an unfortunate haircut in the critical middle school years, she strives to find beauty in every day life.

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