Engagement Season in Delaware

Engagement Season

You may have seen a new term floating around the internet over the past few years– Engagement Season. Typically this means the time between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day when a large (and I mean LARGE) number of engagements happen. I’ve seen articles that say up to 70% of proposals take place during the season! It makes sense when you think about it. Around Thanksgiving, proposal speeches will inevitably include how thankful the potential groom is for his lady and for the life they will lead together. At Christmas, you’re probably already planning to buy a nice gift for your significant other, so why not go ahead and make it that sparkling solitaire you’ve already been thinking about? What better way to ring in a New Year than by starting a new journey together? And Valentine’s is always a special day to celebrate a special love!! This all means that there are a lot of new brides-to-be out there who may be gearing up to plan her (and her groom’s!) special day.

 Wedding planning can be overwhelming. It’s a huge event for sometimes hundreds of guests and most people only plan one or two in their lifetime! So, over the next couple of months, I’m going to be going through some of the big steps of wedding planning. I will be highlighting Delaware County locations, photographers, caterers and some general trends and ideas to think about as you plan a wedding in our area. Full disclosure: I do own a wedding related business. I am a calligrapher and many times serve my brides as a “wedding advisor.” I am not a certified wedding planner, but I love weddings and everything that goes into creating a great experience for a couple and their guests.

 If you are already engaged, best wishes to you as the bride, and congratulations to the groom! I hope over the next two months I can share information with you that you find exciting and helpful. If you’re not yet engaged, but may be soon, I’m going to start with some trends in engagement jewelry!

 Where to Go

Delaware is lucky to have two locally owned jewelry stores downtown. Bargar Jewelry has been operating since 1957 and has a long history of beautiful, timeless pieces at great prices. In addition to their selection of jewelry, they offer a great range of jewelry repair most of which is done in-house by their skilled staff. The second, newer, jeweler in town is Delaware Diamonds, just a block north on Sandusky from Bargar. This shop opened in November, and by following their facebook page, you can see some limited time specials.

 Engagement Jewelry Trends

The traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring will always be in style. It’s beautiful and classic and can easily be added on to with a wrap or anniversary band as the years go on. With diamond rings, the biggest trend is vintage style settings. Larger center stones are being surrounded by smaller pave stones (stones set more flush with the metal holding it in place, rather than raised on prongs) and intricate details inspired by art deco or Victorian motifs. Bands can be accented with more stones or left as satiny gold or silver.

 The newest trend in engagement rings is colored stones. Though colored stones have long been used as special jewelry, diamonds became the stone of choice sometime in the 1920s and colored stones fell out of favor. However, emeralds, sapphires, garnets and many other precious stones are making a huge comeback! Maybe your sweetheart is an avid OSU supporter– you could think about using a garnet (scarlet colored!) center stone with diamonds. Or your May-born love could enjoy her emerald birthstone as a centerpiece.

 If rings aren’t your thing, I have seen quite a few other options, jewelry and non, when it comes to “proposal gifts” lately. A gorgeous pair of earrings or a heart shaped necklace may suit  her taste more than a ring. Maybe a traditional tennis bracelet or an investment piece watch would be a more exciting gift for her. I’ve even seen where a new puppy has been used to pop the question!

 Regardless of what you choose, what matters is that you took into consideration your darling’s tastes and desires and put in the thought and effort when choosing any jewelry (or unique present!) you may want to gift at a proposal!

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A native of Alabama, Tara now calls Delaware "Sweet Home." She is a wife, a mother of twins, a calligrapher, and an aspiring everything. Despite an unfortunate haircut in the critical middle school years, she strives to find beauty in every day life.

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