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Misfit Academy Book Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to have my first book sent to me to review. I couldn’t help but freak out, I was stepping up in the world. I was given the book, Misfit Academy by Lisa R. Petty.

I’ll have to admit, for a high school student normally reading about alternate universes and teen dramas written by John Green, this was a new kind of book for me. It’s the kind of book that teenagers can relate to with their freshman and sophomore years of high school.

Misfit Academy is about male leading man, Scott and his small private school he attends, Concord Academy. This school has twenty-five kids in his class. So basically everyone knows everyone, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. Yet among these twenty-five children, there are still your typical cliques. You have some rude cheerleaders and the class bully, Wolfgang. Oh, and there’s a new girl, Ashley who keeps messing with Scott’s head. Scott can’t focus around her, not one bit he’s clumsy and can’t speak straight.

Throughout the novel, Scott faces several challenges that other teens have face. For example, Scott watches Ashley date Wolfgang. Scott’s parents are also fighting at home and heading towards divorce. Scott is stressed with all of this drama.

To be honest, this book wasn’t a challenge for me to read. Now, I’m not saying the book was bad, what I’m saying is it wasn’t a challenge. It was good, and I believe that middle school students would be really interested in this book. It’s also a good tool for middle school students to get a realistic idea of high school before entering high school themselves.

I know my freshman year it was really intimidating because I was so small and everyone was so much bigger than me. Plus I didn’t know about Hayes, but with a book like Misfit Academy I think this would be useful. I’m not saying that all of the things that Scott goes through other teens will go through, but sometimes similar events can happen and watching Scott go through these events could help others. So I really reccomend this story for any middle schoolers, or freshman in high school.

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